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United Kingdom (GBR) (1707 - now)

Armed Forces of United Kingdom. Army, Navy, Air Force, Special Forces. From Chief of Staff to individual companies.


1st Imperial Camel Corps Brigade

The one-humped camel (and its Asian relative - the camel (Camelus bactrianus)) is ingeniously adapted to life in the deserts. Long lashes protect the eyes as well as the nostrils from sand. They have wide steps, thanks to which they do not penetrate into loose ground. And legendary are their water reservoirs, hidden in humps. True, they are not water tanks, but ordinary fat. During a long march through arid territory, it is chemically incinerated, producing water, so the camel will last even longer without drinking. When he can drink, he quickly compensates for the loss, because he can drink up to 135 liters of water per minute.

Battle of Isandlwana (British Little Bighorn)

The war with the enemy, which is generally considered to be less advanced by civilization, is still a very unpleasant affair for any army. Just because the greatest victorious battle in such a case does not bring any glory, as it is somehow taken for granted, while every lost skirmish is immediately marked as proof of the extraordinary incompetence and dilettantism of army commanders ...

British vehicle markings - Part 1

Have you thought about what the multicolored squares with and without numbers can mean, on British tanks and other armored and unarmored vehicles, and you didn't know? If you don't know or want to broaden your horizons, this series of articles is just for you!

British vehicle markings - Part 2

In the last part, we talked about the marking of vehicles at armored units, now we have the marking of infantry division vehicles!

Defense of Rorke's Drift (22nd to 23rd January1879)

In 1878, Swedish Protestant pastor Otto Witt bought his trading post from the widow of Irish merchant Jim Rorke on the border of Britain's Natal African Protectorate and the independent kingdom of KwaZulu to turn it into a center for the spread of the Christian faith among the Zulu. After the outbreak of the British-Zulu War in January 1879, the station was taken over by the British army, which used it as a supply base for an invasion of their territory ...

Gurkhas - Part I.

They were born in the shadow of the highest mountain in the world. They are famous for their courage and tenacity, constant good mood, but above all their distinctive style of fighting. Although their homeland has not officially engaged in any major war in the last two centuries, its sons' elite has fought and very often bled in many parts of the world under the banners of Great Britain and India.

Gurkhas - Unique mercenaries

These legendary warriors, stocky muscles of mostly Hindu religion, Tibetan-Mongolian ethnicity, come from the Gorkha region, are highly valued for qualities, not always and everywhere else prevailing - courage, loyalty, tenacity, resilience, orderliness in service not only British army ...

SAR Assault Units

After more than 20 years of fighting in South Africa, SADF is not conducting any action beyond the country's borders today. The SADF raid units were established during the war in Angola and Namibia and today are the elite of the South African army.






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