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Cobber Kain - the first fighter ace of the RAF in the World War Two

During the Second World War gained more than one thousand two hundred pilots of the RAF the status of fighter ace. Names like Malan, Bader, Johnson, Caldwell, or Deere knows about everyone who cares at least a little bit about aviation. However, only one of them has the right to boast that he was the first – Edgar James "Cobber" Kain.

Stanislav Plzák

This man from Pilsen was born 13.11.1914. He gained basic pilot training in the West Bohemian aeroclub at the airport Plzen-Bory. Then volunteered for the Air Force and in the years 1932-34 he attended training at the School for professional youth air force in the VLU in Prostějov.

Václav Cukr

Biography of a Czech fighter pilot, a participant of the Battles of France and Britain and the most successful czechoslovak pilot on the most advanced French fighter D.520.



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