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Čchang-che Z-8

Čchang-che Z-18 / AC313 - přehled verzí

Chang-che Of the-8 - track version[/heading:aaaaaa]
-8 - license version of the French medium maritime helicopter SA 321Ja Super Frélon, the engines of the WZ-6. Because of the poor quality of the only 8? pcs.
Z-8J - adjustment of the Z-8 with a modified landing gear for operating from the decks of surface vessels. 6+ pcs.
-8A - adjustment of the Z-8 with a simplified landing gear for the chinese army. Due to the bad quality of only 9 pieces.
-8F - upgrading with engines PT6A-67B, air intake moved to the side, composite rotor.
Z-8S - search and rescue variant of the Z-8J. 2+ pcs.
Z-8K - search and rescue variant OF the-8F. 12+ pcs.
-8 - a transport variant OF a-8K. 8+ pcs.
-8WJS - variant Z-8F for fighting forest fires. 18+ pcs.
Z-8JH - ambulance variant of the Z-8J. 4+ pcs.
Z-8KH - a variant OF the-8K with výmetnicemi decoys on floats. 4 pcs.
-8B - transporter variant of the Z-8KH a simplified landing gear and glass cockpit of the AC313.
FROM-8G - a transport variant Of a-18 for the chinese air force.
FROM-8L - modification OF the-8G with large sponsony containing the fuel tank. 1? pcs.
AC313 - the civilian variant, a redesigned Z-8 with a flat belly, a new bow and gear, composite rotors, engines PT6B-67A. 6+ pcs.
Z-18 - military transport variant of the AC313 pr chinese navy, the engines of the WZ-6C. 2+ pcs.
Z-18J - the habitat of early warning and management. 2+ pcs.
Z-18F - anti-submarine variant of Z-18. 2+ pcs.].
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