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Japan (JPN)

Armed Forces of Japan. Army, Navy, Air Force. From Chief of Staff to individual companies.


Battle of Makin Atoll (landing and ground operations)

As early as January 1943, when fighting was still taking place on Guadalcanal, Admiral King presented a plan for further combat operations in the Pacific at a conference in Casablanca. According to him, another attack on Japan was to be conducted through the islands of the Central Pacific. But General MacArthur was strongly opposed to this. He demanded that the main direction of the attack come from the Solomon Islands and then continue through the Philippines and Taiwan to Japan. Where will he fight after Guadalcanal?

Battle of Midway

A naval battle fought by aircraft, which marked a major turning point in the war in the Pacific.

Bujinkan Dojo

Bujinkan Dojo Martial Arts School


The present of the elite Japanese military academy of the naval defense forces.

Fighting for the Solomon Islands - Guadalcanal, part 1.

At the Arcadia Conference, which took place shortly after the outbreak of the Pacific War, it was stated that the first task for the US military would be to deal with Germany, but far from all senior US officers were of this view. Probably the most important opponent of the defensive strategy in the Pacific was the Commander-in-Chief of the US Navy, Admiral E.J. King. King could not speak openly against the concept of war, accepted by the highest places, it would become unbearable for President Roosevelt as Commander of the Navy. That is why he chose the so-called defensive-offensive strategy in the Pacific. According to this theory, it was not possible to give the enemy time to settle firmly in the newly acquired territories of the South Pacific and build strong naval and air bases there.

Ju jutsu

Ju jutsu martial art


Martial arts using different types of weapons


Martial art of archery


Ninjutsu martial art


Ninjutsu martial art





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