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EGYPT: Ban on Palestinian Hamas

Egypt is systematically stepping up its fight against the Palestinian Hamas movement, which controls the Gaza Strip. On Tuesday, a Cairo court banned Hamas from all activities and operations in Egypt, making it clear that the authorities did not intend to compromise their intention to completely isolate the movement. The court has ordered the closure of all Hamas offices and the confiscation of its property, and members of the movement living in Cairo may now be arrested. The ban on Hamas is no longer far from declaring it a terrorist organization, which has been its parent Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt since December.

EGYPT: Stepping up the offensive against terrorists in Sinai

Egypt usually attracts the attention of the Western media only because of the persecution of Islamists and the alleged power ambitions of Field Marshal Abdal Fatah Sisi. Few have noticed that since the overthrow of Islamist President Muhammad Mursi in July, Egypt has been fighting hard against terrorism, especially in the Sinai Peninsula, from where violence spills over into the country. On Friday, he launched the largest offensive to date, firing 60 rockets at Islamist targets in a village near Sheikh Zuwajdi and killing at least 13 terrorists. He destroyed twenty of them in the whole of last week, another twenty this Monday and hundreds since July, and he also lost over 200 soldiers himself. Compared to Syria, these figures may seem low, but the fight against terrorism in Sinai is of great importance to the whole region.

Fight against Boko Haram in 2015

Boko Haram is a Nigerian terrorist organization that ranks among one of the most destructive terrorist organizations of all time. The insurgents pose a great threat to Africa's most populous country and its neighbors. This group performs acts of religious terrorism, but also by certain acts it belongs to the guerrilla group. It has organized combat tactics, which, however, began to change over time in 2015. Boko Haram, like the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, is trying to create a caliphate in northern Nigeria that will be governed primarily by Sharia law.

Hezbollah movement and "early peacekeeping" in the Summer War in Lebanon

The conflict between the Lebanese Hezbollah movement and the state of Israel in 2006 surprised the whole world with its suddenness and fierceness. However, even an intense military engagement did not solve the problem in the long run. The presented study deals with the issue of so-called "premature peacekeeping", which may have contributed to the tie.

Institutionalization of the Hezbollah movement in Lebanon

Today, the Hezbollah movement is clearly a phenomenon that transcends not only the borders of Lebanon, but also the Middle East itself. Originally an extremist Shiite group, one of the first to become famous for suicide bombings, it has become one of the most important political forces in Lebanon. Hezbollah has become a phenomenon that is very popular among Sunni Muslims, especially as a symbol of successful resistance to Israel. This is largely due to its successful establishment as a political player in Lebanon. And it is the process of its institutionalization in Lebanese society and on the political scene that is the main subject of this text. It tries to describe the changes in ideology, political behavior and in the military behavior of Hezbollah. It seeks to identify the influences that have influenced its institutionalization, and overall it wants to contribute to understanding why this movement has been so successful. The year 1992 is a turning point for the work and the work deals in more detail with the development until the year 2000, when the Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon took place, which marked another breakthrough in the institutionalization of Hezbollah and its definitive establishment on the Lebanese and regional political scene.

MIDDLE EAST: Israel and Palestinians in 2013

2013 brought one significant event to Israel and the Palestinians - both sides resumed peace talks. With the exception of brief unsuccessful interviews in 2010, they did not negotiate for five years. Direct talks resumed in late July thanks to the superhuman efforts of US Secretary of State John Kerry, promised by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to stay at the negotiating table for nine months.

Strange circumstances of the birth of al-Qaeda

Al Qaeda, an amorphous organization, or rather just a unit without an address, with supposedly the highest principal Osama bin Laden remaining somewhere in the burrow on the Afghan-Pakistani border, has proven its devastating impact many times. When and where did it actually start?


Every religion - and Islam, because of its boundless adherence to old values and the lack of a democratic tradition in the area in which it occurs, in particular - can be misused to promote certain political goals and to defend the inhumane ways in which they are achieved, including cold-blooded murder ...

The EU has declared Hezbollah a terrorist organization

Late, but still - this is how Monday's decision of the European Union, which after long hesitation, finally included the Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah on the list of terrorist organizations, could be summarized. With only one hook - she did not register them there, but only the so-called " armed wing ".

The impact of Chechen terrorism on Russian counter - terrorism policy and its real applications

The aim of this work is to be a relevant commentary on the relationship between the phenomenon of Chechen terrorism and the form or orientation of the counter-terrorism policy of the Russian Federation. Since it is relatively easy to recognize the causal aspects of these relationships at the general level of knowledge of the area, the authors did not try to test hypotheses based on the mentioned causality, but rather specified the interpretation of their structural and immediate causes.

The Transformation of Hamas - A friend of Egypt became his archenemy

The Palestinian terrorist movement Hamas is facing increasing difficulties. Since last year's rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, as its offshoot, it has promised a sharp improvement in relations and the economic situation in the Gaza Strip, and has expected the full opening of the borders, or even the creation of a free trade area with Egypt.

Training strategies of Islamist terrorists

Global Islamist terrorism has undergone a dizzying development since the start of the War on Terror after the attacks in 2001. Al Qaeda has transformed from a hierarchical grouping with territorial bases into a decentralized organization linked only by an ideological framework, moreover, without a link to specific territorial bases. The article examines the genesis of ways of preparing Islamist terrorists after September 2001.




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