SOV - UPK-23-250 (kanónové pouzdro)

The UPK-23 contains a GS-23 gun, as seen in the photo of the exposed casing
Here it is suspended from a helicopter Mi-24.
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It looks like this after covering
suspended on Mi-24V
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UPK-23 on Mig-23.
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The full designation of the container of the sounds UPK-23-250. UPK is Univerzalnyj Pušečnyj Container (excuse the mistakes, a bit of Russian here at school propasl Smile )
The container contains a cannon directorate of the general staff-23 and 250 pieces of ammo.

The weight of the container with ammunition: 218 kg.
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UPK-23 on MI-17
SOV - UPK-23-250 (kanónové pouzdro) - UPK -čko navesené na MI-17

UPK -čko navesené na MI-17
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