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AH-64D Longbow Apache

The AH-64A embodied the knowledge bought in the Korean and Vietnam Wars by the blood of the pilots of the first armed and combat helicopters. For a long time, he became the standard of a combat helicopter, which was able to decimate the enemy's tank columns. But technology from the early 70's has some limitations. Therefore, it was necessary to develop the AH-64D Longbow Apache, which significantly expanded the capabilities of the original helicopter.

Elite units in the Persian Gulf

Both the First and Second Gulf Wars were characterized by a wide participation of elite troops. Particularly elite formations include special forces. Deployment in both conflicts is largely analogous. However, unlike the first, the second war did not involve elite and special forces of France and Arab countries.

Elite units in the Persian Gulf

The survey was a permanent and most important activity of special forces. The British SAS allegedly infiltrated Baghdad in disguise, as did members of the Delta Force.

Soldiers from heaven

The Czech Provincial Reconstruction Team, operating at the Shank base in Logar, Afghanistan, is part of the Bayonet Group. It is based on the US 173rd Brigade Combat Command. Our soldiers are in daily contact with its members. Czech and American troops go on joint patrols. The cooperation of pyrotechnicians, snipers and other specialists is also very close.




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