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GBU-28 Bunker Buster

It might seem that bombs with a final guidance and a weight of over 1000 kg are a sufficiently effective means for all targets. Therefore, even military planners did not push manufacturers into the development of larger-caliber air bombs. When it turned out to be not entirely true, very little time remained for development. In the end, the GBU-28 weighing over two tons was made in an incredibly short time.

ľEscadrille Laffayette

The Escadrille Laffayette was undoubtedly a famous unit. However, its significance did not lie in her combat successes - although her score was definitely positive, the number of victories was rather among the average. It wasn't so much about what she could do, but rather about what she symbolized - she was a unit of American volunteers, often from wealthy families whose country had not yet been at war. These young men could stay at home in comfort, but instead decided to fight for what they thought was right.

RAF Fairford Base

RAF Fairford Air Force Base is one of the most famous airports in the United Kingdom. It owes its fame not only to one of the largest aviation events in the world - the Royal International Air Tattoo - RIAT, but also to the fact that attention was paid to this base during the First and Second Gulf Wars, the Kosovo War and many other combat operations. the aircraft used this base as an advanced airport.

SR-71 Blackbird (2) - Out of range of air defense

The famous performance of the A-12 aircraft led USAF representatives to order the most famous variant from the Blackbird family, the strategic reconnaissance aircraft SR-71. These aircraft then provided good services to the USAF for three decades and brought a lot of valuable intelligence to the commanders of air and ground units.

SR-71 Blackbird (3) - High requirements

SR-71 aircraft were the pinnacle of technological possibilities of their time. This corresponded to the demands on flying and ground personnel and the overall security of air traffic. There was nothing that could be compared to the aircraft of previous generations.

Tuskegee Airmen

At the end of World War II, black members of the United States Armed Forces could be found on every battlefield. About half a million served overseas during the war. However, only a small group of them were allowed to be among the real elite of the American armed forces of the time, among the pilots. Thanks to this, they also received the most attention among black American soldiers of World War II. According to the place where they underwent flight training in the USA, they were nicknamed "Tuskegee Air men" ( Tuskegee pilots ). And the top among them were fighter pilots from the 332nd Fighter Group.

USAAF Thunderbolts over Burma

The robust Republic P-47D Thunderbolt fighters began to operate in American colors in Southeast Asia only during 1944, much later than in Europe, the Mediterranean or the Pacific. Since the summer, they have intervened in fierce fighting against the Japanese on the Burmese battlefield.




High Command






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