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Escape from Auschwitz

Auschwitz - Auschwitz, Březinka - Birkenau. Names that still terrify and tremor even those who have never been there. Millions of those who were there never returned. Auschwitz is synonymous with the most terrible concentration camp, German hell in Poland near our borders. Here is the story of one of the few lucky ones who managed to escape from this factory to death.

Joseph Frank Moser: Fighter in Buchenwald

Joseph Frank Moser, son of Swiss immigrants and fighter pilot of the 429th Fighter Squadron of the 474th Air Group of the US 8th Air Force. After shooting down his P-38J-15 Lightning aircraft by a German flak, he was captured by German soldiers after a short time after jumping out of a burning machine. He completed a long journey of a prisoner. Journey started in a Paris prison, over two months spent in the catastrophic conditions of the Buchenwald concentration camp, from where the journey led only through the smoke of a crematorium, through slightly better conditions in the Stalag prison camps ...

On the horizon of the Alps

The number of Czechoslovaks registered in Mauthausen, the worst category in this extermination camp, was 6,500. But many numbers were not even published. 1,361 of our prisoners survived. Among those who did not see the end of the war and the liberation by the American army at the beginning of May 1945, was the author of many popular songs, Karel Hasler. Two days before Christmas 1941, he died as a result of the torture of one of the so-called green blockers. They, like the Stubs and Caps, were often far worse than the SS themselves, because they were recruited exclusively from the ranks of German criminal prisoners ...



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