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Eurocopter AS355 Écureuil 2

Eurocopter AS555 Fennec - přehled verzí

Aerospatiale/Eurocopter AS355 Écureuil 2, TwinStar - track version[/heading:aaaaaa]
AS 355E Écureuil 2 - twin variant of the light multirole helicopter AS 350, engines Allison 250-C20F; approx 65 pcs
AS 355F Écureuil 2 - a variant with wider rotor blades and twin controls, higher takeoff weight; approx 170 pcs
AS 355F1 Écureuil 2 - the wider tail rotor blades, reinforced transmission, a higher takeoff weight; approx 70 + 200 conversion 355E/355F
AS 355F2 Écureuil 2 - further adjustments leading to an increase in take-off weight; about 130 + 60 conversions
AS 355M Écureuil 2 - the military variant of the F1/F2 for the French air force, completed as 555AN
AS 355N Écureuil 2 - variant of the corresponding F2 with engines Turboméca Arrius 1A; approx 180 pcs
AS 355NP Écureuil 2 - modernized variant with engines Turboméca Arrius 1A1; approx 70 pcs

AS 555 TwinStar - name for the north american market

AS 555AN Fennec - armed multi-purpose version of the 355N for the French air force; 44 pcs
AS 555UN Fennec - unarmed multi-purpose version of the 355N for the French army air force; 18 pcs
AS 555MN Fennec - unarmed maritime multi-purpose version 355N, nestavěna
AS 555SN Fennec - a naval ship-to-ship multi-purpose version 355N, 13 pcs

Twin Squirrel HCC.1 - three 555F1 leased to the RAF for VIP transport

HB.355F2 Esquilo Biturbina - brazilian licensed version of the F2, 27 pcs
CH-55 - the markings of the brazilian air force for the 10 HB.355F2
UH-13 - the designation of the brazilian navy for 11 HB.355F2

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