Prapor polních myslivců č. 1

Feldjägerbataillon Nr. 1
Prapor polních myslivců č. 1 Feldjaeger Battalion No. 1
Originální název:
Original Name:
Feldjägerbataillon Nr. 1
Datum vzniku:
Divizion polních myslivců č. 1 Feldjaeger Division No. 1
Datum zániku:
- -
Nadřízené velitelství:
Higher Command:
DD.MM.RRRR-DD.08.1914 16. pěší brigáda
DD.MM.RRRR-DD.08.1914 16th Infantry Brigade
DD.MM.1813-DD.MM.RRRR Most, ?
DD.MM.1814-DD.MM.RRRR Jablůnka, ?
DD.MM.1815-DD.MM.RRRR Salcburk, ?
DD.MM.1818-DD.MM.RRRR Linec, ?
DD.MM.1819-DD.MM.RRRR Kutná Hora, ?
DD.MM.1820-DD.MM.RRRR Netolice, ?
DD.MM.1821-DD.MM.RRRR Neapol, ?
DD.MM.1823-DD.MM.RRRR Kadaň, ?
DD.MM.1825-DD.MM.RRRR Praha, ?
DD.MM.1827-DD.MM.RRRR Cheb, ?
DD.MM.1829-DD.MM.1848 Chomutov, ?
DD.MM.1849-DD.MM.RRRR Lochau in Vorarlberg, ?
DD.MM.1850-DD.MM.RRRR Frankfurt nad Mohanem, ?
DD.MM.1860-DD.MM.RRRR Mantova, ?
DD.MM.1861-DD.MM.RRRR Revere, ?
DD.MM.1862-DD.MM.RRRR Lonigo-Soave, ?
DD.MM.1863-DD.MM.RRRR Valeggio, ?
DD.MM.1865-DD.MM.RRRR Verona, ?
DD.MM.1866-DD.MM.RRRR Veszprém, ?
DD.MM.1867-DD.MM.RRRR Pětikostelí, ?
DD.MM.1870-DD.MM.RRRR Vídeňské Nové Město, ?
DD.MM.1876-DD.MM.RRRR Langenlois, ?
DD.MM.1878-DD.MM.RRRR Bosanski Petrovac, ?
DD.MM.1879-DD.MM.RRRR Banja Luka, ?
DD.MM.1881-DD.MM.RRRR Chomutov, ?
DD.MM.1882-DD.MM.RRRR Kadaň, ?
DD.MM.1886-DD.MM.RRRR Josefov, ?
DD.MM.1891-DD.MM.RRRR Terezín, ?
DD.MM.1893-DD.MM.RRRR Bihać, ?
DD.MM.1894-DD.MM.RRRR Nevesinje, ?
DD.MM.1896-DD.MM.RRRR Liberec, ?
DD.MM.1903-DD.MM.RRRR Rava Ruska, ?
DD.MM.1903-DD.MM.RRRR Liberec, ?
DD.MM.1908-DD.MM.RRRR Lienz, ?
DD.MM.1914-DD.MM.RRRR Tione, ?

DD.MM.1813-DD.MM.RRRR Plisnier, Franz von (Major)
DD.MM.1814-DD.MM.RRRR Penz, Johann von (Major)
DD.MM.RRRR-DD.MM.RRRR Penz, Johann von (Oberstleutenant)
DD.MM.1829-DD.MM.RRRR Manz, Carl (Major)
DD.MM.1833-DD.MM.RRRR Zamboni, Joseph von (Major)
DD.MM.1834-DD.MM.RRRR Colloredo-Mannsfeld, Franz (Major)
DD.MM.RRRR-DD.MM.RRRR Colloredo-Mannsfeld, Franz (Oberstleutenant)
DD.MM.RRRR-DD.MM.RRRR Colloredo-Mannsfeld, Franz (Oberst)
DD.MM.1847-DD.MM.RRRR Kammerer, Sebastian (Major)
DD.MM.RRRR-DD.MM.RRRR Kammerer, Sebastian (Oberstleutenant)
DD.MM.RRRR-DD.MM.RRRR Kammerer, Sebastian (Oberst)
DD.MM.1850-DD.MM.RRRR Schulz, Eduard (Major)
DD.MM.1856-DD.MM.RRRR Prosche, Eduard (Oberstleutenant)
DD.MM.RRRR-DD.MM.RRRR Prosche, Eduard (Oberst)
DD.MM.1863-DD.MM.RRRR Zigau, Joseph von (Oberst)
DD.MM.1864-DD.MM.RRRR Klein, Johann (Major)
DD.MM.RRRR-DD.MM.RRRR Klein, Johann (Oberstleutenant)
DD.MM.RRRR-DD.MM.RRRR Klein, Johann (Oberst)
DD.MM.1870-DD.MM.RRRR Bisenius, Albert (Major)
DD.MM.1873-DD.MM.RRRR Meyern-Hohenberg, Leopold von (Oberstleutenant)
DD.MM.1876-DD.MM.RRRR Pokorny, Moriz (Major)
DD.MM.RRRR-DD.MM.RRRR Pokorny, Moriz (Oberstleutenant)
DD.MM.1884-DD.MM.RRRR Vivenot, Ernst von (Major)
DD.MM.RRRR-DD.MM.RRRR Vivenot, Ernst von (Oberstleutenant)
DD.MM.RRRR-DD.MM.RRRR Vivenot, Ernst von (Oberst)
DD.MM.1889-DD.MM.RRRR Čerwinka, Ferdinand (Major)
DD.MM.1891-DD.MM.RRRR Purschka, Ferdinand von (Major)
DD.MM.RRRR-DD.MM.RRRR Purschka, Ferdinand von (Oberstleutenant)
DD.MM.1895-DD.MM.RRRR Strasser von Obenheimer, Joseph (Major)
DD.MM.RRRR-DD.MM.RRRR Strasser von Obenheimer, Joseph (Oberstleutenant)
DD.MM.1905-DD.MM.RRRR Schmid, Fridolin (Major)
DD.MM.1906-DD.MM.RRRR Schmid, Fridolin (Oberstleutenant)
DD.MM.1909-DD.MM.RRRR Otahal von Ottenhorst, Franz (Oberstleutenant)
DD.MM.1912-DD.MM.RRRR Spiess von Braccioforte, Silvio (Oberstleutenant)
DD.MM.1914-DD.MM.RRRR Vottorelli, Richard von (Oberstleutenant)
Podřízené jednotky:
Subordinated Units:
Čestný název:
Honorary Name:
- -
- Friedens-Ordre de bataille k. u. k. Heeres, der k. k. und der k. u. Landwehr gültig vom 1.April 1914 (Wien 1914)
- Seidels kleines Armeeschema - Dislokation und Einsteilung des k. u. k. Heeres, k. u. k. Kriegsmarine, der Landwehr und der königlich ungarischen Landwehr (Wien 1914)
- Wrede, Alphonse von - Semek, Anton: Geschichte der k. u. k. Wehrmacht I
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From the history of the battalion:

the Initial period of the formation of 1808-1812
The history of the battalion of field hunters no 1 begins to write in the year 1808, when from the hunting regiment Chastelerova no 64 divided by 1. divizion and became a separate divizion field hunters no 1. He was still in the same year reorganized in the battalion of field hunters no 1, which was in 1809 included in the advance brigade Hardeggovy, which was part of the Bellegardova 1. corps. He was deployed in the army in Germany. The battalion had the battle of Ursensollenu, the conquest of Berschingu, the battle of Aspern, the battle of Wagram and retreat to Moravia. At the end of the year 1809 was after the end of the field campaign reorganized again on divizion. Another change occurred at the turn of the years 1812/13, when was the previous divizion once again transformed into a battalion. On the basis of the supreme decision of August 1813 the battalion staff helped to create battalion of field hunters # 12.

End of the napoleonic wars 1813-1815
In 1813 the battalion was deployed as part of the lightweight division Liechtensteinovy within the main army. Had the battle of Dresden, encounter with Pretschendorfu, the battle of Stössenu and the battle of Leipzig, where against great odds, heroically defended the position in the village of Klein-Zschocher. Part of the battalion in doing so fell into captivity. In the following year the battalion was replenished and once again ranked in the lightweight division Liechtensteinovy. The battalion participated in mainly several smaller engagements at the Troyes. In 1815 he was part of the the main army, but hasn't had any combat deployment. For this campaign received two members of the battalion, the gold medal for bravery and three members of the silver medal for bravery.

Period 1816-1848
In 1816 he was part of the of the observation corps of Bavaria. In 1821 he was deployed against the rebels in the Neapolitan way. He participated in the battles of Rieti and the Antrodocco. After it was used in the fight against lupičským tlupám.

Struggle in the years 1848-1849
In 1848 he was deployed in the North Tyrol and Voralrlbersku, from where he sent two squads to the South Tyrol, where they were included in the brigade Zobelovy and have gone through the battle of Rivoli-Spiazzi and to participate in the encirclement of the Peschiery. Another two companies were sent to ensure the pass of the Wormser Joch (today Stilfser Joch or Passo dello Stelvio). In the following year he had a battalion of two companies at the Novary, but the fighting did not attend. In 1849 the newly created 3. and 4. divizion used to create battalion of field hunters # 13. For his actions in the years 1848-49 were a military if the merit cross awarded centurion Friedrich Süß von Rheinhausen, who then took over command of the battalion of field hunters no. 12, and lieutenant commander August Richter. The other two members of the battalion received silver medal for bravery Also. class and ten members of the silver medal for bravery II. class.

the Second Italian war for independence
In 1859 the battalion was within the 2. the war for the unification of Italy stationed in the federal fortress in Frankfurt am Main.

the Prussian-austrian war
In 1866 he was during the the austro-prussian war deployed in the framework of the 3. corps of the northern army and took part in the battle of Hradec Králové. This was also the case 2. depot company, which was deployed in the context of the combined 33. battalion of field hunters. For their actions in this war were the military if the merit cross awarded setníci Ludwig Manasser, Hugo Müller, Georg Fischer, Victor knight Borosini von Hohenstern and lieutenants Ludwig Pavek, Carl Heidler and Carl Haus. The other four members received the silver medal for bravery Also. class and sixteen members of the silver medal for bravery II. class.

the Occupation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
The battalion, in the framework 36. infantry division participated in the occupation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Specifically, had the battle of Bihać, Križovy and Care. For this campaign they were vyznamenámi: battalion commander major Moriz Humble procedure Leopoldovým, centurion Anton Hradetzky military if the merit of the cross and the regimental doctor dr. Franz Samesch gold if the merit of the cross. The other seven members of the battalion received silver medal for bravery II. class.

In 1880 she was a backup rota used to create a battalion of field hunters no 38.

Wrede, Alphonse von - Semek, Anton: Geschichte der k. in. to. The Wehrmacht Also.
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the Organization of the battalion of field hunters, no 1 1914:

Headquarters battalion: Tione
Field company: Tione
Spare company: Terezin

Friedens-Ordre de bataille to. in. to. Heeres, der k. to. und der to. in. Landwehr gültig vom 1. April 1914 (Vienna 1914).
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