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History of the Russian naval fleet IX. - XVI. century - Part 1

The article describes the period of the fighting of the Russian Navy from the second half of 9th century to the second half of the 16th century when the first organized unit was formed - a fleet on the Baltic Sea. In the 1st millennium, the fighting took place off the coast of the Russian (Black) Sea, exceptionally, ships appeared in the Marman Sea. During the 12th century, the expansion of the Swedes to the Gulf of Finland progressed and the main combat activity moved here. In the 15th - 16th century, the focus of the fighting shifted back to the Black Sea. The combined Swedish and Finnish troops later reached the Gulf of Finland, which prompted Tsar Ivan IV. to create a permanent naval fleet in the Baltic Sea.

Military flag of the Russian Navy (Андреевский флаг)

The Andrew's flag is the main distinguishing feature of the Russian navy.
It represents a rectangular white rectangle, divided by pale blue ( sometimes blue ) diagonal stripes from one corner to the opposite corner, thus forming the so-called St. Andrew's Cross or the letter X, stretched to the width.




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