SWE - 8mm Kulspruta m/22

Ksp m/22
The 8mm Kulspruta m/22- 8mm machine gun model 22 was developed under license from Browning 1919. The gun used a very powerful cartridge 8x63 mm and was produced in the following versions:
- Ksp m/22 Fv- belt fed from the left
- Ksp m/22 Fh- belt fed from the right
- Ksp m/22 R- drum magazine for 125 rounds
- Ksp m/22-37 with cartridges stored in a saddle magazine.

The weapon was for example in the nacelle under the SAAB A21R, SAAB B17, J9 (Seversky P-35), FFVS J22...

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SWE - 8mm Kulspruta m/22  - B17

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Linkoping Museum, own photo
SWE - 8mm Kulspruta m/22  - jako pocitacova hra...

jako pocitacova hra...
SWE - 8mm Kulspruta m/22  - Kontejner s osmi kusy Ksp m/22 pod letounem J 21R

Kontejner s osmi kusy Ksp m/22 pod letounem J 21R
SWE - 8mm Kulspruta m/22  - Ve strelisti Fokkeru C.V-E (svedske oznaceni S 6A).

Ve strelisti Fokkeru C.V-E (svedske oznaceni S 6A).
SWE - 8mm Kulspruta m/22  - ve strelisti B 17

ve strelisti B 17
URL : https://www.valka.cz/SWE-8mm-Kulspruta-m-22-t185546#543730 Version : 0
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