Sargon/Sargon I. Akkadský

King Sargon/Sargon I. Akkadský

Sargon (Sharru-kin - "true king") of Akkad ruled from 2334 to 2279 BC in the Old Akkadian Empire, of which he was the founder. He was of Akkadian origin, i.e., he was of Semitic descent and founded the first Semitic dynasty in Mesopotamia. He founded the new capital Arrow Akkad. Sargon's Old Akkadian Empire was the oldest and very expansive state in Mesopotamia. It is documented to have occupied and incorporated into its empire areas of northern Syria, Lebanon and is said to have won 34 battles. Economically, Sargon made several reforms, the most prominent being the weakening of the temple economies at the expense of the palace economies and providing state-controlled groups of merchants.

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