SOV - UB-32 (raketnice)

Loaded UB-32A-24 so far without the attached deflector effluent gases when viewed from the rear.
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After charging are in the outer ring to see the warhead missiles S-5.
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In the Czech Republic (ČSSR), all blocks on fast and drills were originally charged with S-5 (M, K) missiles with a plug in the nozzle area. Then all the blocks were modernized (it was a nice packing plant) for contact. The version in the picture is already upgraded.
1 - contact ring (ensuring contact with contacts on RS)
2 - plug (originally on RS)
3 - plateau (holds contact rings)
SOV - UB-32 (raketnice) - ....kontaktnice....

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UB-32 in front of MI-24V ready for demonstration
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Nabbing UB-32A with S-5KO rockets on MI-24D
SOV - UB-32 (raketnice) - nabijanie UB-32A

nabijanie UB-32A
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Launch contacts for rocket S-5 and the rear support of the rocket in the block
Photo-my collection.
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