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Air to Air Missiles (AAM)



At the time of its creation, this missile was one of the most controversial weapons projects of the US Armed Forces. Eventually, it became the most effective anti-aircraft missile in the post-Gulf War period. Since 2008, AIM-120 are also introduced in the Czech Air Force.


In 1980, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France concluded a memorandum of understanding, in which countries shared competencies in the development and production of a new generation of anti-aircraft missiles. While the US was to focus on a medium-range radar-guided missile, which eventually became the AIM-120 AMRAAM, European states received a short-range missile, which was assigned the designation AIM-132 ASRAAM.


Dogfights have always attracted attention. Since the First World War, their participants have been considered heroes, stories have been written about nothing, and they have become idols of generations. However, the reality of air combat is much more prosaic. Whatever the motivation of the pilots to fight, there was always a winner on one side and a loser on the other in a crippled or burning plane falling to the ground. This series deals with the struggle from their beginning to the modern age, when the sky is steadily ruled by jet engines.

F-14 Tomcat vs Su-22 - Dogfight over the gulf of Great Sydra

During the Cold War, pilots of fully armed aircraft of both major powers, their allies or satellites, met many times in the air. Most of the meetings went without conflicts, although the participants mostly ran what is called " irritating the rattlesnake with their bare feet ". If nothing else, at least they tried to take a more advantageous position over the opponent. But sometimes it turned out differently.

F-15A Baz versus the MiG-25 - Trap from a textbook

The USSR developed a powerful MiG-25 fighter aircraft in the late 1960s. This aircraft was not originally to be exported, but after Lieutenant Viktor Belenko flew with one MiG-25P to the base of Hakodate in Japan, there was nothing to hide. The aircraft was released for export. Thus, although there was never a conflict between the great powers, the MiG-25 had the opportunity to fight, over Lebanon, with its counterpart, the American F-15. Although both aircraft flew under the insignia of other countries.

F-22 Raptor

The one you don't see will take you down. Fighter alphabet. This is true even today in the age of the latest technologies. Perhaps even more than at a time when pilots had to rely only on their eyes. The growing emphasis on stealth technology only confirms this.

MiG-29 - a reaction to the demands of the market

The MiG-29 was, like most Russian aircraft, created as a more or less single-purpose weapon. His primary task was air combat. But times are changing and those interested in single-purpose aircraft are like saffron. To survive, it is essential to meet the requirements of the market, and it wants universal aircraft. This also applies to the RSK MiG.



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