SOV - SPPU-22-01 (kanónové pouzdro)

Shooting container SPPU-22-01 (& # 1057; & # 1055; & # 1055; & # 1059; -22-01) was developed for the needs of the aircraft Su-17 (and its derivatives), although it was later used on aircraft Su-25 a MiG-27K. The container contains a double-barreled cannon GŠ-23 and a total of 260 rounds. The design of the container allows the firing of the cannon at 0 ° (from the axis of the container) and 15 ° (downwards). [* 1 *] Earth.

Due to the possibilities of the sight (for aircraft Su-17) was the second method of shooting not very accurate and efficient. The extended barrels also worsened the maneuverability of the aircraft Su-17, which caused a higher load pilot while piloting an aircraft. However, for the above reasons, the container was not very popular with pilots.

The container was introduced into service in 1971, it was used in combat, for example, from aircraft Su-25 in Afghanistan.

[~ 1 ~] u lietadiel Su-17M3, Su-17M4 and from them derived versions using the BSPPU connecting block, which allows you to fire with automatic target tracking.

Source: MARKOVSKIJ Viktor, PRICHODČENKO Igor: Istrebiteľ-bombardirivščik Su-17; Express 2003+ ISBN 5-94038-037-9 01-i-sppu-6
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case SPPU-22 is fitted with a cannon directorate of the general staff-23
The cannon is retractable, so lets
-longer postřelování point objectives (even during the levying of the nosedive)
-postřelování circuit targets during level flight or at the departure see photos of the Su-22 where it was possible to case to hang up for shooting in the back.
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Detail from behind
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View of the front of the case
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Detail of the distribution on the upper side of the housing
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Another cannon from the side
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I got this picture from a friend of the armourer. This is a pen drawing of a container.
It comes from the military regulation Su-22M4, the design of air armament. Year of publication 1987.
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