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CZK - Plastická trhavina Pl Np 10

Plastic explosive Pl Np 10 belongs to the category of high explosives high efficiency. From a military point of view, ranks among the special engineer náloživo. It's a malleable mass of dirty gray color. Contains pentrit Np 10, and a chemical binder. It is roughly about 50 % more effective than explosives. When handling is absolutely safe and reliable in temperature - 30 st C. Is not sensitive to a blow, friction, and shot.
At temperatures of – 10 degrees C and lower it slightly deteriorates its ductility and it is necessary to it more hnětnout and warm hands.

Unlike náložek TNT, which have already from the production of a given shape and weight, which makes it difficult to compiling them into explosives, plastic explosives advantage in its malleability and ease of divisibility.
This allows the creation of weight-accurate shaped or streamlined charges, which can be shaped according to the needs, situation and nature of the erratic object. Therefore, it is plastic explosive especially suitable for the accurate tearing of various elements, such as locks and hinges of doors, various construction beams and supports, pipes, rails, etc.

Roznět is done time rozněcovačem, bleskovicí with the detonator (bleskovicovou počinkou BP - 1) or an electric detonator. In the event of an emergency when the lack of detonators or a place to begin BP-1, it is possible to bring plastic explosives to blast through the cord so that the knot formed on the end of the detonating fuses shall be placed min. 1 cm in depth below the surface charges of plastic explosive.

Plastic explosive PL Np 10 is manufactured and supplied in náložkách (bullion) weighing 2.5 kg and measuring 22,5 x 12 x 10 cm. Cartridges are packed in parafinovaném paper and are stored in the transport boxes 6 pieces. Dimensions of shipping boxes are 44.5 x 31 x 24 cm and have a total weight of 22.5 kg ( 15 kg of explosives).

Prescription Women 2-6 ref. 2264 /SŽV/ 1980 issued by the MNO ČSSR in 1982
Workbook – Explosives and destruction issued by the VA Vyškov in 2005 under a number of contracts 45/2005

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CZK - Plastická trhavina Pl Np 10 - Plastická trhavina Pl Np 10, náložka 2,5 kg.

Plastická trhavina Pl Np 10, náložka 2,5 kg.
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