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NR-30 was an air cannon caliber 30 mm, which formed a shooting armament of fighter and fighter/bomber aircraft produced in the Soviet union in the second half of the 20. century.

Its overall concepts and structures builds on the successful cannon NR-23 the caliber of 23 mm, which had in service to replace. NR-30 for its automatic action uses the momentum of the shot with a short zákluzem mainly. During the zákluzu mainly occurs to unlock the pivot end and to accelerate backward. For přibrzdění zákluzu mainly and its return forward used gas vratník. Pramencová předsuvná spring ensures partial reduction of the speed of the conclusion in his zákluzu and move the end back to the front position. The character of the conclusion in the rear position relieves bumper with talířovými springs located in the housing of a gun. When moving forward is the conclusion in each cycle captured in the auxiliary záchytem. After the filing of the charge and after his cut of the axis mainly occur to the finish mainly to the front position and the deletion of the conclusion of the relief contained. Control of consumable contained is a mechanical ( leverage transfer ). The main collection of the end is used for the start and end of shooting. It is controlled by the trigger elektromagnetem located within the housing of a gun for the feeder mechanism.

The bullets are in a gun served the bands, which, after exit from the gun breaks down into the individual articles. The actual submission by the so-called table of the feed mechanism, which is powered by zákluzem mainly. Half of the displacement of the belt takes place when zákluzu mainly and the other half in her return to the front position. Initialization zápalkového screw is mechanical. Will charge is of the chamber of commerce pulled out a hard vytahovačem placed on the system. The cartridge is vyhazována from the gun in the direction of down below the cannon.

Cannon NR-30 is the most used in the sixties and seventies of the last century. Formed a shooting armament of some of the aircraft called the Eastern bloc. It was fairly widespread and was used also in the air force of the Czech republic. The first was installed on the aircraft Mig-19, where he found his place in the roots of the wings. By us are further used for example in airplanes Su-7 and Su-22.

TTD Cannon NR-30 :

Caliber: 30x155 mm

The length of the hub : 268 mm
The weight of the ammo: 840 g
Bullet weight : 413 g
The weight of dust : 95 g

The weight of the weapons : 66,5 kg

The length of the arms : 2 153 mm
The length of the barrel : 1 600 mm
The width of the arms : 181 mm
The height of the arms : 186 mm

Rate of fire : 850 - 950 r/min
Muzzle velocity : 780 m/s

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look at the conclusion from the top
this design was used as the armament of the MiG-19.
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far left cartridge 30x155 for NR-30, my collection
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nahoře Afanasjev, NSV a NR-30

NS-23, UBK, ZU-23, Afan a Dšk

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The first cannon from the top is NR-30, in staršom transfer of pre Mig-19 (muzzle brake, covered predná part of the gas piestu and ďalšie minor differences - this prevedenie is the pictures of NR-30 from the ICE, are missing take on the whole gas piest predvedenej guns)
The second guľomet the top I'm sure nie is the UBT - has pneumatic napínadlo, so it's either UBK or UBS (nedajú sa rozpoznať).
In tieni for the ZU-23 / 2A7 is the zadnom stojan in the middle of the hidden cannon Recruit-23..
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NR 30 was used and the '80s and' 90s of the last century and survived well into our century. SU 22M4 is proof of that..
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Also they were equipped with all the vodochodské MiG 21F 13, well and actually even the nevodochodské..
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mám dotaz ohledně munice leteckého kanonu NR-30. Hledám údaje o typech střel a jejich barevné značení.
Pokud si dobře pamatuji, jednalo se typy:
- cvičný,
- průbojně zápalný (BZ -broně zažigatelnyj)
- tříštivo trhavý zápalný (OFZ - oskoločno fugasnyj zažigatelnyj)
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