92. bombardovací skupina (těžká) [1942-1946]

92nd Bombardment Group (Heavy)
92. bombardovací skupina (těžká) 92nd Bombardment Group (Heavy)
Originální název:
Original Name:
92nd Bombardment Group (Heavy)
Datum vzniku:
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Datum zániku:
92. bombardovací skupina (velmi těžká) 92nd Bombardment Group (Very Heavy)
Nadřízené velitelství:
Higher Command:
01.03.1942-26.03.1942 Bossier City, Barksdale Field
26.03.1942-DD.05.1942 Tampa, MacDill Field
DD.05.1942-DD.07.1942 Sarasota, Sarasota Army Airfield
DD.07.1942-DD.08.1942 -
DD.08.1942-DD.01.1943 Bovingdon, RAF Station Bovingdon
DD.01.1943-DD.09.1943 Alconbury, Alconbury Airdrome, Army Air Force Station 102
DD.09.1943-DD.06.1945 Podington, US Army Air Force Station 109
DD.06.1945-28.02.1946 Istres, Base Aérienne 125 Istres
28.02.1946-04.08.1946 ?
04.08.1946-04.08.1946 Fort Worth, Fort Worth Army Airfield

27.03.1942-02.05.1943 Sutton, James S. (Colonel)
02.05.1943-23.05.1943 Lawrence, Baskin R. Junior (Lieutenant Colonel)
23.05.1943-27.09.1944 Reid, William M. (Colonel)
27.09.1944-12.10.1945 Cox, Albert L. Junior (Lieutenant Colonel)
12.10.1945-18.10.1945 Smyrl, James A. (Lieutenant Colonel)
18.10.1945-04.08.1946 Cherbak, Victor A. Junior (Major)
Podřízené jednotky:
Subordinated Units:
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Formed as the 92nd wait wait wait wait wait Group (Heavy) 28.1.1942
Activated 1.3.1942
Deactivated 28.2.1946
Transformed to 92nd wait wait wait wait wait Group (Very Heavy)
Activated 4.8.1946
Transformed to the 92nd wait wait wait wait wait Group (Medium) in may 1948
Transformed to the 92nd wait wait wait wait wait Group (Heavy) in June 1951
Deactivated 16.6.1952

325th - 1942 - 1946; 1946 - 1952
326th - 1942 - 1946; 1946 - 1952
327th - 1942 - 1946; 1946 - 1952
407th - 1942 - 1946

Salina, Smoky Hill Army Airfield , October 1946
Spokane AAFld, Wash, jun 1947 - 16.6.1952

Col John G Eriksen, 4.8.1946
Col Brooks And Lawhon, oct 1946
Capt William M Carrithers, dec 1946 - unknown date
Lt Col Frank A Sharp, 14.7.1947
Col Albert J. Shower, July 1947
Lt Col Richard J Fry, 18.11.1947
Col George And Blakey, apr 1948
Col Salvatore E Manzo, 1.7.1948
Col Claude E Putnam Jr, 3.10.1949
Col Conrad F Necrason, February 1951
Col Claude E Putnam Jr, 14.4.1951
Col Kenneth B Hobson, June 1951
Col David Wade, 9.2. - 16.6.1952

World War II - Antisubmarine, American Theater
- Air Offensive, Europe
- Normandy
- Northern France
- Rhineland
- Ardennes - Alsace
- Central Europe
Korean War UN Defensive
- UN Offensive

Distinguished Unit Citation - Germany, 11.1.1944

The codes of each squadron
325 - NV
326 - JW
327 - UX
407 - PY

Call sign

Used aircraft
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the Activity of the group in 1942:

6. 9. 1942 Meaulte, Fr air factory Avion Potez,
1 aircraft lost (B-17E 19026)

26. 9.1942 Cherbourg, Fr divert

2. 10. 1942 divert along the French coast

9. 10. 1942 Lille, Belg;
St. Omer, Fr ironworks in the Compagnie de Fives, tov. the locomotives of the Ateliers D'Hellemes, factory lit.cars (Lille);
air force base – replacement target (St. The Omer);
1 aircraft was lost (B-17E 19018), 1 male thrown off the parachute(Cpl. Archie Cothren W POW was with severe injuries thrown on the parachute bottom gunner Sgt. Oscar R. Billings over Graveslines in the hope that the country gets the help);
collision in the air – both aircraft safely landed
Sgt. Mervin G. Bush – TG of 326. the squadron received the first Air Medal on the european battlefield for shoot down two FW 190 (and other damage);
the first mission of the 407. squadron

21. 10. 1942 Cherbourg airport
for a strong cloud cover target not found

6. 12. 1942 divert the group operated on within 11. Combat Crew Replacement Center (CCRC);

12. 12. 1942 deceptive attack under 11. CCRC.
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B-17E 19026
all crew members were killed

They were last seen returning near the English coast. Left the formation and were attacked by five enemy aircraft.
This loss was the first loss of 8. USAF in 2. world war.
2 Lt. Leigh E. Stewart P
2 Lt. Robert Even. Benedict C
2 Lt. Samuel J. Russell N
2 Lt. Frank J. Buck B
Sgt. Elmer P. Vollrath E
Sgt. Cecil R. Kendrick R
PFC William J. Angliss BT (probably not an original member of the crew)
Sgt. D.To. Smith W
Sgt. Lemoyne C. Early T.
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B-17E 19018
The second and last B-17 E that is lost during a combat mission.
Last seen in flames over Holque, five miles north of St. Omer.
1 Lt. Francis H. Chorak P KIA
2 Lt. Joseph J. Fracchia C POW
2 Lt. Grady W. Roper N E?
2 Lt. Charles G. "Kolly" Kolodzinski B POW
S/Sgt. Paul R. Gordon E POW
S/Sgt. John J. Dolan R KIA
M/Sgt. James E. Lane BT? KIA
S/Sgt. Donald E. Buckland W? KIA
S/Sgt. Malcolm Culpepper, T KIA.
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the Activity of the group in 1943
Some of the crew of 92nd BG flew during march and April for other groups. Participate in raids on Hamm 4.3.1943, Vegesack 18.3.1943, Wilhelmshafen 22.3.1943 and 17.4.1943 Bremen. During this activity came about the life of the 27 members of the crew

14.5.1943 Kiel, Ger docks; 1 aircraft lost (B-17F , S/N 230003)

15.5.1943 Heligoland Düne, Ger a target of opportunity (T/O); (primary was Wilhelmshafen); 1 aircraft lost

17.5.1943 Lorient, Fr submarine base of Keroman

19.5.1943 Kiel docks

29.5.1943 St. Nazaire, Fr submarine base;
the first deployment of the aircraft the YB-40

11.6.1943 Wilhelmshafen, Ger port facilities (secondary destination); (primary target was Bremen)

13.6.1943 Bremen, Ger port facilities;
all the planes have suffered damage – a strong anti-aircraft fire

15.6.1943 Raid removed before reaching the French coast

22.6.1943 Hüls, Ger Factory Even.G. Farben Industrie Chemische Werke for the production of synthetic rubber
1 aircraft the YB-40 lost (B-17 F-10-IN
25735 UXB Wango Wango);
the first daily raid of the Ruhr

25.6.1943 Oldenburg, Ger Bloehm & Voss (T/O), (pimární target Hamburg)

26.6.1943Paris, Poissy, Fr years.base Paris-- primary), years.base Poissy—secondary target

28.6.1943 June St. Nazaire submarine pens and dry docks;

29.6.1943 Villacoublay air base;
for dense clouds bomb nesvrženy

4.7.1943 Nantes, Fr air factory
Sgt. Richard. Gettys – from 326. squadron - BT - received the Distinguished Service Cross
1 aircraft lost (B-17F 229967); several other members of the crew suffered injuries

10.7.1943 Caen, Fr marshalling yards;
for dense clouds bomb nesvrženy

14.7.1943 Villacoublay air base; two men injured

17.7.1943 Hannover, Ger-industrial complex; the raid dismissed

24.7.1943 Heroya, Nor the unfinished construction of the Nordisk Littmetal works, mines in magnesium;
the two wounded;
the beginning of the Little Blitz Week;
so far the longest air raid (1800 miles);
by 8. USAF; the commander of the mission Col. Wm. M. Reid, group CO, received the Silver Star

25.7.1943 Kiel for bad weather as not to meet with bombers union

26.7.1943 Hanover tire factory Continental Gummiwerke And.G. Wahrenwalderstrasse
1 aircraft lost (S/N ??), 2 crash-landed on the surface (crew rescued), 1 man jumped a parachute, 2 dead; F/O John C. Morgan received the CMH (Congressional Medal of Honor)

28.7.1943 Kassel, Ger aircraft factory Feisler Flugzeubau; 2 aircraft lost (B-17 F-70-BO
229798, B-17 F-25-DL
the last mission of the YB-40

29.7.1943 Kiel harbour area;

12.8.1943 Bochum, Ger the valley of the river Ruhr (replacement destination); (primary target Gelsenkirchen); industrial complex;
4 planes lost; 11 wounded

15.8.1943 Vlissingen, Neth air force base (secondary objective)

16.8.1943 Le Bourget, Fr air base

17.8.1943 Schweinfurt, Ger factory for the production of bearings; 2 aircraft lost (B-17 F-60-DL
23435, B-17 F-75-BO
part dvojúderu Schweinfurt/Regensburg in which 8.The air force lost 60 bombers

19.8.1943 Flushing,Gilze-Rijen, the Nih. the air base;
Lt. Arthur Stone – 1. pilot 326. the squadron, which has completed an operational tour

24.8.1943 Paris races on the assembly of the FW 190

27.8.1943 Watten, Fr launch ramps In-1;
aim well disguised – three "bomb rune",
1 the plane made an emergency landing at sea, crew saved; at least 3 wounded

31.8.1943 Amiens/Glisy, Fr airport (replacement destination); (primary target Romilly air depot); mission commander Col. Wm. M. Reid, group CO

2.9.1943 airport in the ne of France for a thick cloud cover raid over the French Coast dismissed

3.9.1943 St. André de L'Eure, Fr airport (the secondary target), (primary Romilly Sur Seine);
1 aircraft lost (S/N ??)

6.9.1943 Strasbourg, Fr; Baden-Baden, Ger-industrial complex – alternative target; (primary Stuttgart);
3 aircraft lost (B-17 F-80-BO 230000 D, B-17 F-30-25890 F, B-17 F-80-BO 240010 X) ; 4 safe mode. they landed on the water, crew saved

7.9.1943 Brussels/Evere, Belg leetecká base

9.9.1943 Lille, Vendeville air base;
the last mission of Alconbury

In the period from 10. 22. September 1943, no airstrikes did not take place due to the movement of the group to the base in Podingtonu

23.9.1943 Nantes submarine docks, port facilities;1 aircraft lost (B-17F 23183 – blast in the air)

27.9.1943 Emden, Ger port facilities;
for the first time the escort fighters P-47 over Germany

2.10.1943 Emden port facilities

4.10.1943 Frankfurt am Main, Ger tov. on the plane
1 aircraft lost (B-17 230646); several injured; T/Sgt. Glen R. Hansen - R of 326. the squadron received the Oak Leaf Cluster to Silver star

8.10.1943 Bremen tov. on the plane

9.10.1943 Gdynia, Pol port installation, the vessel Stuttgart; 1 aircraft lost (B-17 F-75-DL 23554);
the longest mission of the war (1500 miles)

10.10.1943 Coësfeld, Ger targets of opportunity; (primary was Münste)

14.10.1943 Schweinfurt factory for ball bearings; the most difficult attacks with missiles; 6 aircraft lost (B-17F-90-BO 230231, B-17F 230387F-100-BO B-17F-115-BO 230654 W, B-17F-120-BO 230824, B-17F-115-BO 230708, B-17F-115-BO 230726 S), 4 wounded, 1 dead, 2 planes crash-landed in England; 8. The USAF lost a total of 60 machines - Black Thursday; bombardier S/Sgt. Winston Toomey of 407. the squadron was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross; though mortally wounded, refused treatment until nesvrhl bombs on target

20.10.1943 Düren, Ger industrial center;
air raid lifted above the ene. the coast for a thick cloud cover

3.11.1943 Wilhelmshaven submarine docks

5.11.1943 Gelsenkirchen, Ger marshalling station; 1 aircraft lost (B-17 G-1-IN 239831 L); several wounded

16.11.1943 Knaben, Nor mining complex mining molybdenum; 1 aircraft lost (B-17 F-75-BO
229996 R)

23.11.1943 the first planned bombing of Berlin for the show conditions withdrawn before the start of the

26.11.1943 Bremen port facility; 2 aircraft lost (B-17F-110-BO 230608 T, B-17 F-30-DL 23165 T); several wounded

30.11.1943 Solingen, Ger-industrial complex; 1 plane crashed on takeoff; for the bad weather target not found

1.12.1943 Solingen industrial complex; 1 plane lost (-17 F-70-BO 230803)

5.12.1943 LaRochelle, Fr air base; withdrawn for low cloud

11.12.1943 Emden docks, industrial center

13.12.1943 Kiel submarine docks

16.12.1943 Bremen port area; 1 aircraft lost (B-17 F-115-BO 230677 K)

20.12.1943 Bremen port area; 1 aircraft lost (B-17 F-115-BO 230648)

22.12.1943 Osnabrück, Ger marshalling station; 1 aircraft lost (B-17 F-30-DL 23184 Q, Alliquippa)

24.12.1943 Gueschart/Beauvoir, Fr launch ramps In-1

30.12.1943 Ludwigshafen, Ger chemist Even.G. Farben Industrie

31.12.1943 Cognac & Chateaubernard, Bordeaux, Fr air force base (secondary objective); (primary Merignoc); 3 aircraft lost (B-17 F-120-BO 230733, B-17 F-30-DL 23186, B-17 F-120-BO 230735, Rough Grou).
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the Activity of the group in 1944:

4.1.1944 Kiel port complex; 2 aircraft lost (B-17F 23494, B-17 231016)

5.1.1944 Kiel port complex; head of the group division

7.1.1944 Ludwigshafen chemical plant Also.G. Farben Industrie

11.1.1944 Oschersleben, Ger aircraft factory (secondary); (primary target of Halberstadt) 2 aircraft lost (??), the toughest defense from the so-called Black Thursday (Black Thursday); the unit received the Distinguished Unit Citation

14.1.1944 Lingen, Fr launch ramps IN-1 (NOBALL);
bombing after ind.wing

21.1.1944 LePlouy/Ferme, Fr launch ramps IN-1 (NOBALL);
return without bombing (bad weather)

29.1.1944 Frankfurt am Main industrial center; 1 aircraft lost (B-17F 230711); two formations -- 53 aircraft; 92nd BG for the first time flew a drone equipped PFF

30.1.1944 Braunschweig, Ger air races; 2 planes collided (???); bombed two formations

3.2.1944 Wilhelmshafen submarine base

4.2.1944 Frankfurt am Main marshalling yards; 2 aircraft lost (???); two formation

5.2.1944 of Chateaudun, Fr air base

6.2.1944 Nancy, Fr air base; for a strong cloud cover the bombs nesvrženy

8.2.1944 Frankfurt am Main industrial center; 3 aircraft lost (???)

11.2.1944 Ludwigshafen industrial center (an occasional target); (Frankfurt primary); 92. BG led 40th Combat Wing

20.2.1944 Leipzig, Ger races at the owl. Me-109; 1 aircraft lost (B-17 G-1-IN 239770 Q); minor injuries; the beginning of "Big week"

21.2.1944 Hopsten, Ger air base (an occasional target), (Lippstadt primary); 2 aircraft lost (B-17 G-15-BO 231411 R, B-17 B-30-BO 231860 L); 2 seriously injured, 2 lightly

22.2.1944 Aalborg, Den air force base; for a strong cloud cover the bombs nesvrženy; 2 aircraft lost (B-17 G-15-IN 297494 N, B-17 G-15-BO 231377 NEAR – collision with a Bf-109)

24.2.1944 Schweinfurt industrial center; 3 aircraft lost (B-17 G-5-BO 231180 U, B-17 G-35-BO 232034 W, B-17 G-10-IN 240047 Q)

25.2.1944 Stuttgart, Augsburg, Ger factory for ball bearings, aircraft factory; 2 aircraft lost (B-17 G-10-DL 237755 NV AND the "Dottie G", B-17 B-115-BO 230623 L); end "Big week"

28.2.1944 Heroubville launch ramps IN-1 (NOBALL)

2.3.1944 Frankfurt am Main marshalling station, a factory for electr.; 2 aircraft lost (???)

3.3.1944 Berlin Erkner; for a thick cloud cover removed; 1 aircraft lost (???)

4.3.1944 Bonn, Ger city center (an occasional target); (Berlin primary)

6.3.1944 Berlin factory at the kul. Bearings Erkner; 4 aircraft lost (B-17G 231503 L, B-17 240052 X, the B-17 297527 TO a, B-17 231680 P); head of group formation 40th CBW; group for the first time used the new incendiary bombs M-17

8.3.1944 Berlin factory at the kul. Bearings Erkner

9.3.1944 Berlin plants for the production of helium in Oranienburg; 2 aircraft lost (???); head of group formation

16.3.1944 Augsburg air force base (secondary objective) (the primary was years.factory Dornier in Oberpfaffenhofenu); 1 aircraft lost (???)

18.3.1944 Lechfeld, Ger air base/industrial center (base of the Me-262); 1 aircraft lost (???)

20.3.1944 Frankfurt industrial center (factory Alfred Teves); for a thick cloud cover nebombardováno

22.3.1944 Berlin (secondary); (aero/industrial complex in Oranienburg primary); Lt. Burnetts crew, originally members of the 326th Sq, now in the group of PFF, shot down

23.3.1944 Hamm, Ger air repair shops; 5 aircraft lost (B-17 231455, B-17 231888, B-17 231231, B-17 231532 "Black Magic", the B-17 23104)

24.3.1944 Frankfurt am Main industrial center (secondary); (Schweinfurt primary); leading the formation of the 40th CBW

26.3.1944 Mimoyecques, Fr launch ramps IN-1 (NOBALL)

27.3.1944 LaRochelle air base

28.3.1944 Dijon/Longvie, Fr air base

29.3.1944 Braunschweig strojírny Waggam; the vedas.group 40th CBW

10.4.1944 Brussels air base Evere

11.4.1944 Szczecin, Pol industrial center (an occasional target); (Sorau, Pol, primary); one aircraft bombed Cottbus; 8 aircraft lost (B-17 231248 B, B-17 297243 About, B-17 231587 G, B-17 297240 P, B-17 231548 D, B-17 2107044 L, B-17 231362 R, B-17 230649 X); few were damaged, 1 dead, 4 wounded; the whole flight took place at a height of 15,000 feet; the head of the formation of the division

18.4.1944 Oranienburg marshalling yards

19.4.1944 Kassel airport Luftwaffe

20.4.1944 Lingham Zadausques, Fr launch ramps IN-1 (NOBALL)

22.4.1944 Hamm marshalling yards

24.4.1944 Oberpfaffenhofen, Ger tov. the aircraft Dornier; 5 aircraft lost (???)

25.4.1944 Nancy/Essey air force base; the vedas. group 40th CBW

26.4.1944 Brunswick strojírny Waggam

27.4.1944 Bois Coquerel, Fr launch ramps IN-1 (NOBALL); the morning of the mission, for the first time were carried out two raids in one day

27.4.1944 Nancy/Essey air force base; afternoon mission

28.4.1944 St. Avord, Fr aviation repair shops

29.4.1944 Berlin industrial center; 2 aircraft lost (???)

30.4.1944 Lyon/Bron, Fr air base; only 407. squadron

1.5.1944 Le Grismont, Fr launch ramps IN-1 (NOBALL); for cloudiness target not found, bombs nesvrženy

1.5.1944 Reims, Fr marshalling station; group leader wing

4.5.1944 Berlin industrial center; for the bad weather lifted

7.5.1944 Berlin industrial center; 1 hurt

8.5.1944 Berlin industrial center; 1 aircraft lost (???);2 wounded; 3 men jumped out a parachute; the head of the group division; Col. Wm. M. Reid, commander of the 92.BG was in charge of the mission

9.5.1944 Thionville, Fr marshalling yards

11.5.1944 Kons Karthaus marshalling yards; afternoon mission

12.5.1944 Merseburg, Ger oil refinery And.G. Farben; 1 aircraft lost (???)

13.5.1944 Szczecin, Pol yard (an occasional target); (Poznan, Pol, primary)

19.5.1944 Berlin industrial center

20.5.1944 Paris Orly airport; 3 aircraft crashed on takeoff; 21 dead

23.5.1944 Saarbrücken marshalling yards

24.5.1944 Berlin industrial center; 1 aircraft lost (???)

25.5.1944 Thionville marshalling yards; 92.BG, 389.BG and 390.BG tested radar for the invasion

27.5.1944 the Pas de Calais launch ramps IN-1 (NOBALL); only 327. squadron

27.5.1944 Mannheim, Ger marshalling station

28.5.1944 Ruhland, Ger oil refinery; 2 wounded; the group led the division; Lt. Col. Andre R. Brousseau, mission commander, received the Silver Star;
Capt. Edwd. T. O'Grady, bombardier head of the airplane, received a third OLC (Oak Leaf Cluster) to the DFC

29.5.1944 Cottbus, Ger oil refinery; 2 aircraft lost (???)

31.5.1944 Strasbourg marshalling yards; the bomb nesvrženy/weather

2.6.1944 Dannes, Fr launch ramps IN-1 (NOBALL)

2.6.1944 Paris, the south marshalling yards

3.6.1944 Palaiseau, Fr launch ramps IN-1 (NOBALL) (tactical goal)

4.6.1944 Equihen, Fr railway bridges/marshalling yards

6.6.1944 Longues, Fr coastal batteries; D-Day

6.6.1944 Caen dismissed 10 miles from Fr coast/clouds

6.6.1944 Thury-Harcourt, Flers, Fr yard /industrial center

7.6.1944 Kerlin, Bastard, Fr air base

8.6.1944 St. Jacques, Fr air base

11.6.1944 Conches, Fr air base

12.6.1944 Lille local air force base

14.6.1944 Bretigny, Fr air base Etantes/Moniques; 1 aircraft lost (???)

15.6.1944 Nantes railroad bridge; 1 wounded; the head of the formation of the division

17.6.1944 Viller/L'eveque, Fr launch ramps In-1 for years. the base; the group leader wing

18.6.1944 Hamburg oil refinery/tanks of fuel;
Capt. Chas. W. Hodges – 326. wing - pilot - received the Distinguished Service Cross, Lt. Gaylord Corliss, Hodgesův 2. the pilot, received the Silver Star for leading the aircraft safely back then, what was Hodges severely wounded; the pilot head the airplane Capt. Robt. J. Crutcher killed

19.6.1944 the Pas de Calais launch ramps In-1

20.6.1944 Hamburg, Ger oil refinery/fuel bins; 1 aircraft lost (???)

21.6.1944 Berlin industrial center

22.6.1944 Bientques/Creppieul, Fr launch ramps In-1

22.6.1944 Ghent, Belg industrial targets

24.6.1944 Bremen tanks of fuel; the head of the group division

25.6.1944 Auxerre, Fr railway and highway bridges (150 km SOUTHEAST from Paris)

28.6.1944 Laon/Athies, Fr air base

29.6.1944 Leipzig, Ger air base in Quackenbrucku

2.7.1944 Blangermont, Fr base missiles In-1 under construction (NOBALL)

6.7.1944 Aurerre/Coubronne, Fr launch ramps rockets (NOBALL)

7.7.1944 Leipzig oil refinery Taucha

8.7.1944 Prevent/Poix, Fr railway bridge/air base; 1letoun lost

9.7.1944 Chalonnes, Fr the bridge over the river Loire

11.7.1944 Munich, Ger main marshalling yards; 2 aircraft lost (???)

12.7.1944 Munich industrial center; at least two wounded

13.7.1944 Munich chemist Agfa/industrial center

16.7.1944 Munich BMW; 3 aircraft lost (???); at least 3 damaged

17.7.1944 Anzy le Chateau, Fr railway bridge

18.7.1944 Peenemunde, Ger development center V-2 rockets; at least 1 aircraft damaged

19.7.1944 Augsburg industrial center

20.7.1944 Köthen, Ger air base; 1 aircraft lost (???)

21.7.1944 Ebelsbach, Ger years.factories/factory to kul. bearings

24.7.1944 St. Lô, Fr support of ground troops

25.7.1944 St. Lo support of ground troops /carpet bombing

28.7.1944 Merseburg oil refinery/tanks of fuel

31.7.1944 Munich years. base in Schliesheimu

1.8.1944 Orleans/Bricey, Chateaudun, Fr air base

3.8.1944 Merkweiler, Ger oil refinery; 2 aircraft lost (???); 42% of the bombs turned out max. 550 feet from the target point (AP), 92% max. 1000 feet; one of the most effective air raids of the entire war

4.8.1944 Anklam, Ger factory Focke-Wulf

5.8.1944 Hannover years. base Langenhagen

6.8.1944 Brandenburg, Ger tov. for assembling Me-109 (30 miles from Berlin)

7.8.1944 Montbartier, Fr bridge

8.8.1944 Caen attack on the German lines

9.8.1944 Karlsruhe, Ger marshalling station; 1 aircraft lost (???)

12.8.1944 Chaumont, Fr flight park

13.8.1944 Evreux, Fr road junction; 1 aircraft lost (???)

14.8.1944 Trier, Ger (occasional target); (Stuttgart primary)

15.8.1944 Frankfurt am Main Eschburn – base the Luftwaffe

16.8.1944 Leipzig oil refinery Bohlen

18.8.1944 Huy, Belg local bridges

24.8.1944 Merseburg oil refinery; 1 aircraft lost (???), attacked by a Me-163

25.8.1944 Peenemunde complex production of V-2 rockets; 4 aircraft lost (???), the head of the formation of the division

26.8.1944 Gelsenkirchen complex refineries Nordstern; all the planes damaged spot, leading the formation of the division; Col. Wm. M. Reid, commander of the 92. BG, mission commander, wounded in the leg

27.8.1944 Wilhelmshafen industrial center (an occasional target); (Berlin primary); for bad weather the bombs nesvrženy

30.8.1944 Kiel harbour installation

5.9.1944 Ludwigshafen chemical plant Also.G. Farben; several wounded

8.9.1944 Ludwigshafen oil refinery Oapu;1 aircraft lost (???)

9.9.1944 Mannheim marshalling yards

10.9.1944 Stuttgart, Sindelfingen; 1 aircraft lost (???), the crew are saved (have received Bronze Stars from general Patton)

11.9.1944 Merseburg oil refinery; 8 aircraft lost (???)

13.9.1944 Merseburg oil refinery in Altenburgu; 4 aircraft lost (???); T/Sgt. Theodore C.... Franklin – 327. squadron - RO - received the Soldiers' Medal for the rescue of T/Sgt. Wm. And. Sanderson - F/E – from a burning plane, although he was himself wounded

17.9.1944 Nijmegen, Which support ground units

19.9.1944 Unna, Ger ammunition depots

22.9.1944 Kassel factory Henschel; 1 aircraft lost (???)

25.9.1944 Frankfurt am Main marshalling yards

26.9.1944 Osnabrück marshalling yards; 1 Lt. William J. Gustafik – 326. squadron - nav - received the Soldiers Medal for saving a bomber 2 Lt. W. C. Edwards after the start of the burst aircraft tyre and crashed

27.9.1944 Cologne. marshalling yards

28.9.1944 Magdeburg Magdeburg/Rothensee rop. refinery

30.9.1944 Münster yard

2.10.1944 Kassel ammunition depots; 2 planes collided in the air; the crew saved 2 wounded, killed 2 cows

3.10.1944 Nuremberg, Ger factory cars; 2 aircraft lost (collision in the air) (???); 1 wounded

5.10.1944 Cologne. industrial center; 1 aircraft lost (???)

6.10.1944 Stargard, Pol air base

7.10.1944 Zwickau, Ger marshalling station; 1 aircraft lost (???)

9.10.1944 Schweinfurt industrial center (secondary target)

14.10.1944 Cologne. marshalling yards

15.10.1944 Cologne. industrial center

17.10.1944 Cologne. marshalling yards

19.10.1944 Mannheim, Rudescheim air base, an industrial center

22.10.1944 Bielefeld, Ger repair shop car

25.10.1944 Hamburg ???

26.10.1944 Hamburg two repositories of fuel

30.10.1944 Münster yard

2.11.1944 Merseburg oil refinery Leuna; the head of the formation of the division; Col. James W. Wilson, the group commander, mission commander, received the Oak Leaf Cluster to Silver Star

4.11.1944 Hamburg oil refinery Harburg

5.11.1944 Frankfurt am Main marshalling yards

6.11.1944 Hamburg oil refinery Harburg

8.11.1944 Merseburg oil refinery Leuna

9.11.1944 Metz, Ger air support XX Corps

16.11.1944 Eschweiler, Ger tactical support of ground offensive

21.11.1944 Hersfeld/Hunsfeld, Ger marshalling station/tactical support (occasional target); (Hamburg primary)

25.11.1944 Merseburg oil refinery Leuna

26.11.1944 Misburg, Ger oil refinery; 2 wounded

29.11.1944 Misburg oil refinery

30.11.1944 Merseburg oil refinery Leuna; 1 aircraft lost (???)

4.12.1944 Kassel marshalling yards

6.12.1944 Merseburg oil refinery Leuna

9.12.1944 Stuttgart marshalling station/air base

11.12.1944 Frankfurt am Main marshalling yards; 1 aircraft lost (???), the crew returned

15.12.1944 Kassel marshalling yards; the head of the formation 8. USAF

18.12.1944 Kaiserslautern, Ger communication center

23.12.1944 Ehrang, Ger marshalling station

24.12.1944 Frankfurt am Main Giessen Luftwaffe complex; 6 aircraft lost (???)

28.12.1944 Koblenz, Ger railway bridge Bullay; marshalling yards

30.12.1944 Koblenz railway bridge Bullay

31.12.1944 Kordel, Ger Ehrang/Kordel rail network.
URL : https://www.valka.cz/92-bombardovaci-skupina-tezka-1942-1946-t3831#57433 Version : 0
the group's Activities in 1945:

1.1.1945 Kassel factory tanks (sesekundární target); (Magdeburg primary); 1 aircraft lost (???); at least 1 wounded; for the first time after a few weeks of defending German fighters

2.1.1945 Bitburg, Ger highway intersection/communication center

5.1.1945 Niederbresig, Ger air base

6.1.1945 Cologne. southern railway; bridges in Duetz

7.1.1945 Euskirchen, Ger bridges/marshalling yards

8.1.1945 Wissembourg, Ger bridges/marshalling yards; 1 aircraft lost (???), the crew returned

10.1.1945 Gymnich air base; at least 1 wounded, 4 jumped a parachute, including S/Sgt. Jn. H. Carter of 327. squadron - WG – which sprang up after the second behind; 3 returned

13.1.1945 Karlsruhe bridge Maximiliansau

14.1.1945 Cologne. railway bridge Cologne

15.1.1945 Freiburg, Ger marshalling station

17.1.1945 Paderborn, Ger railway depot/ marshalling yards

21.1.1945 Pforzheim, Ger centre of precision engineering

28.1.1945 Cologne. bridges/ marshalling yards; 1 aircraft lost (???); 2 landed on the continent

29.1.1945 Koblenz/Mosel marshalling yards

1.2.1945 Ludwigshafen, marshalling yards; leading the formation of the forces "B"

3.2.1945 Berlin industrial center; 1 plane lost; the longest daylight raid on Berlin

6.2.1945 Saalfeld, Ger (occasional target); (Lützkendorf primary)

9.2.1945 Lützkendorf, Ger complex for the production of synthetic fuels; at least 1 wounded

10.2.1945 Ijmuiden, Hol submarine docks; the first mission with the use of Disney (rocket bombs)

14.2.1945 Dresden, Ger marshalling station; 1 aircraft lost (???); 3 landed on the continent (lack of fuel)

16.2.1945 Dortmund, Ger factory Hoesch Benzol

19.2.1945 Bochum, Ger Carolinegluck; 1 aircraft lost (???), the crew jumped out

20.2.1945 Nuremberg rail network/ marshalling yards

21.2.1945 Nuremberg rail network/ marshalling yards

22.2.1945 Wittenberg, Ger railway viaduct; Operation Clarion which 1,482 aircraft bombed targets in various parts of Germany

23.2.1945 Kitzingen, Ger marshalling station; several aircraft had to land on the continent (fuel)

24.2.1945 Hamburg production of the synth. Fuels in Albrechtu

25.2.1945 Munich marshalling yards; 1 aircraft lost (???)

26.2.1945 Berlin marshalling yards; 1 aircraft lost (???)

27.2.1945 Leipzig rail network/ marshalling yards; 1 wounded

1.3.1945 Reutlingen marshalling yards; the head of the formation the wing

2.3.1945 Böhlen oil refinery in the production of synth. fuels

3.3.1945 Ruhland, Chemnitz, Ger oil refinery I (primary - Ruhland), railway depot, (Chemnitz - secondary); 2 aircraft lost (???)

7.3.1945 Fulda, Ger (occasional target); 1 wounded, the head of the formation of the division, 2 Lt. Geo. W. Bailey of 407. squadron - nav - received the Silver Star

8.3.1945 Essen, Ger complex refineries Emil

9.3.1945 Kassel factory Henschel; 1 aircraft lost (???); 3 wounded

10.3.1945 Dortmund, Ger marshalling station

11.3.1945 Bremen submarine docks

12.3.1945 Swinemunde, Ger marshalling station; 1 aircraft lost (???), support of the Red army

14.3.1945 Lohne, Ger marshalling station; the head of the formation of the division

14.3.1945 Ijmuiden, Hol submarine docks; the second mission in which they were used Disney; planes bombed individually

15.3.1945 they've taken zossen (Berlin) headquarters of the Wehrmacht

17.3.1945 Molbis, Ger benzol/power plant

18.3.1945 Berlin Schlesicher railway complex; 2 aircraft lost (???)

19.3.1945 Plauen, Ger marshalling station

20.3.1945 Hamburg docks/refinery Harburg

21.3.1945 Rhein, Ger base jet fighters

22.3.1945 Bottrop, Ger barracks of the Wehrmacht

23.3.1945 Recklinghausen, Ger marshalling station

24.3.1945 Achmer, Hesepe, Ger base jet fighters of the Luftwaffe

24.3.1945 Twente, Hol air base

28.3.1945 Berlin arms factory Tank 7; 1 wounded

30.3.1945 Bremen railway bridge, Wester

31.3.1945 Halle, Ger marshalling station; the head of the formation the wing

3.4.1945 Kiel submarine docks

4.4.1945 Fassberg, Ger air base; 1 aircraft lost (???); Disney mission to Hamburg

5.4.1945 Ingolstadt, Ger ammunition depots

6.4.1945 Leipzig main station/ marshalling yards; leading the formation of the division

7.4.1945 Wesendorf,Ger air base

8.4.1945 Halberstadt, Ger marshalling station

10.4.1945 Oranienburg air base

11.4.1945 Kreiburg, Ger zbrojovka; 1 aircraft is lost at startup (???), the crew is saved; after the raid, the explosion of bombs shook the aircraft flying at an altitude of 25,000 feet

13.4.1945 Neuminster, Ger marshalling station

14.4.1945 Royan, Fr coastal batteries/fire. the position of the flake; at the request of the French units

15.4.1945 Royan, Fr coastal batteries/fire. the position of the flake; napalm

16.4.1945 Platting, Ger marshalling station; 80% of the bombs turned out to 500 feet from the intentional point; 95% within 1,000 feet; 100% to 2,000 feet

17.4.1945 Dresden marshalling yards; 2 aircraft lost (???)

18.4.1945 Rosenheim, Ger marshalling station

25.4.1945 Plzeň CZK zbrojovka; 1 aircraft lost (???); the head of the formation 8. The USAAF, the last air raid 8. The USAAF in 2. world war on the european battlefield.
URL : https://www.valka.cz/92-bombardovaci-skupina-tezka-1942-1946-t3831#57885 Version : 0
B-17F 230003 "War Eagle"
Aircraft 407. squadron lost during a raid on Kiel 14.5.1943.
Last seen descending in a spiral towards the island of Amrum with one engine out of order and ustřeleným the horizontal stabilizer.
1 Lt. Lowell L. Walker P POW
1 Lt. Lt. John C. "Jack" Eder C POW
1 Lt. Lester L. Kleuver N POW
2 Lt. Ernest F. Bean, Jr. ? POW
T/Sgt. Everett To. Teaford R POW
Sgt. Donald E. Hutton E POW
S/Sgt. Oscar R. Billings BT POW
S/Sgt. John In. DeMontmallin W POW
S/Sgt. Johnnie J. Tucker W POW
S/Sgt. William W. Kiser T POW.
URL : https://www.valka.cz/92-bombardovaci-skupina-tezka-1942-1946-t3831#57894 Version : 0
Aircraft 407. squadron (S/N ???) lost during a raid on Heligoland 15.5.1943

1 Lt. Larche M. Washer P POW
Robert W. Kennedy C? POW?
Martin J. Healy N? KIA
William F. Haenel B? POW?
Alfred Sikorski E? KIA
Jack P. Roebuck R? POW?
Arthur L. Davis BT? POW?
James R. McDermott RW? KIA
Arthur F. Blasenak LW? KIA
Kenneth G. Murray T? KIA.
URL : https://www.valka.cz/92-bombardovaci-skupina-tezka-1942-1946-t3831#57895 Version : 0
Aircraft B-17 F-10-25735 UXB "Wango Wango" (YB-40) 327. squadron lost 22.6.1943 in a raid on chemičku Even.G.Farben in Hülsu. The aircraft was hit by flakem just behind the goal. Last seen as declining attacked by a hostile aircraft near the Dutch coast. The first setřelený aircraft YB-40.
1 Lt. Andrew F. Bilek P POW
1 Lt. William P. Carey C POW
2 Lt. Robert H. Darden N POW
S/Sgt. Edward C. Fuller MT POW
Sgt. John L. Randall NT POW
S/Sgt. Milton H. Hoehn E POW
Sgt. Ralph W. Kesling BT POW
S/Sgt. Wilfred Godette RW POW
S/Sgt. Robert T. Pearce LW POW
S/Sgt. James L. Boss T POW.
URL : https://www.valka.cz/92-bombardovaci-skupina-tezka-1942-1946-t3831#57897 Version : 0
The aircraft B-17F (S/N 229967) 407. squadron lost 4.7.1943 in a raid at the aviation factory in Nantes, Fr. It crashed into the sea and exploded. Sighted six parachutes.
1 Lt. John J. Campbell P POW
2 Lt. Hubert In. Stephenson C POW
2 Lt. Burr P. Hereford N? POW
2 Lt. Benedict Kilgrow, Jr. B POW
T/Sgt. Robert H. Hetrick R POW
T/Sgt. Charles D. Chenoweth E POW
S/Sgt. Richard K. Rasdall BT POW
S/Sgt. Maurice J. Guymon WG POW
S/Sgt. Lester M. Arlington WG POW
S/Sgt. Harold L. Burton T POW.
URL : https://www.valka.cz/92-bombardovaci-skupina-tezka-1942-1946-t3831#57898 Version : 0
Aircraft B-17 (S/N???) 325. squadron shot down 26.7.1943 in a raid on Hannover. Last seen as it crashed into the sea approximately a 10-minute flight from the island of Nordernay with one engine on fire and destroyed the tail parts.
1 Lt. Alan E. Hermance P KIA
F/O IN.In. Cates C KIA
Lt. Cornelius In. Corkery N KIA
Lt. Oliver P. Lauffer N KIA
S/Sgt. Earl N. Demasters E KIA
Sgt. James T. Ellenberg R KIA
Sgt. Theodore And. West BT KIA
Sgt. Walter L. Landers W a KIA
Sgt. Marion F. Semrad W KIA
S/Sgt. William W. Smith T KIA.
URL : https://www.valka.cz/92-bombardovaci-skupina-tezka-1942-1946-t3831#57900 Version : 0
Aircraft B-17 F-70-BO 229798 327th Squadron lost on 28.7.1943 during raid on Kassel. Crashed near Wageningen, Holland.

1 Lt. Benjamin Smotherman P POW
2 Lt. David Pollak C POW
2 Lt. Sidney J. Leigh N POW
Sgt. Wray V. McKenzie Tog POW

T/Sgt. Atlee J. Pearson E POW
T/Sgt. John J. Fogarty R POW
S/Sgt. V. M. Chandler BT POW
S/Sgt. Curtis L. Moore W POW
S/Sgt. James W. O'Connell W POW
Sgt. Frederick J. "Freddie" Rentz, Jr. T POW 25. mise
URL : https://www.valka.cz/92-bombardovaci-skupina-tezka-1942-1946-t3831#57904 Version : 0
Aircraft B-17 F-25-DL 23116 407. the squadron lost 28.7.1943 during a raid on Kassel.

2 Lt. Harold W. Porter P POW
2 Lt. Louis M. Peys C POW
2 Lt. Albert E. Brown N POW
2 Lt. William J. Mahoney B POW
T/Sgt. Stephen Maksin R POW
T/Sgt. Vincent R. Tenisci E POW
S/Sgt. Sebastian "Bustle" Stavella BT POW
S/Sgt. Ledford T. Mays W POW
Jerr M. Algeo W KIA
Robert M. Martin T KIA.
URL : https://www.valka.cz/92-bombardovaci-skupina-tezka-1942-1946-t3831#57905 Version : 0

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Letoun B-17 F-60-DL 23435 od 327. perutě sestřelen stíhači dne 7.8.1943 při náletu na Schweinfurt. Posádka se zachránila na padácích.

Capt. Roland A. Sargent P POW
Lt. Keith E. Byington C POW
Capt. Robert McNeely B POW
Sgt. George L. Mikel NG POW
Sgt. James L. Berry E Zachr. se útěkem
S/Sgt. Charles J. Sailer R POW
Sgt. Harry S. Richards BT Zachr. se útěkem
Sgt. John J. Witley W POW
S/Sgt. Nathan Schwartz W POW
Sgt. Kenneth F. Fahncke TG Zachr. se útěkem
URL : https://www.valka.cz/92-bombardovaci-skupina-tezka-1942-1946-t3831#57920 Version : 0

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Letoun B-17 F-75-BO 229853 (407. perutě?) ztracen dne 7.8.1943 při náletu na Schweinfurt. Byl zasažen nepřátelským letounem poblíž Euskirchenu přibližně ve 14.45 h. Celá osádka padla do zajetí.
1 Lt. James D. Stewart P
Leonard E. Landes C
Frank A. Smith, Jr. N než vyskočil padákem, těžce zraněn do ramene střelou z 20 mm kanonu
Charles H. Henderson B
Dan Carlisle E
Elmer John Collins R
John E. Waschs BT
Gerald L. Swanger RW
Steve Solga LW
Charles E. Lewis T
URL : https://www.valka.cz/92-bombardovaci-skupina-tezka-1942-1946-t3831#57921 Version : 0
Aircraft (S/N ???) 407. squadron lost on 3.9.1943 in a raid on the airport in St. André de L'Eure. Last seen as leaving the formation before reaching the IP.
2 Lt. Ralph Bruce P POW
Sebron And. McQueen C Are. with the stampede?
David G. Prosser N Are. with the stampede?
Bertram R. Theiss B Are. with the stampede?
Hedley E. Cassidy E Are. with the stampede?
Mike Fleszar R Are. with the stampede?
Milton Seldin BT POW
Regis L. McDonnell W POW
Robert D. Muir W Are. with the stampede?
Simeon To. McGuire T POW.
URL : https://www.valka.cz/92-bombardovaci-skupina-tezka-1942-1946-t3831#57922 Version : 0
Aircraft B-17 F-80-BO 230000 D from the 327. squadron shot down by enemy fighters on 9.9.1943 in the raid on Strasbourg. Last seen as falling to the earth RAIN from Paris.
A hand-written record of the poletového the briefing says:
Out of position at the 5. the hour of the attack to the south from Paris, the enemy fighters on the ...(illegible). A strong fire hit the tail Bogardova of the aircraft. There was an explosion, which ripped off rudder. The aircraft slid the chassis, continued in horizontal flight, but was losing speed and height. From the bow sprang three men. Side and rear gunner were probably dead. The horizontal stabilizer held. The aircraft switched into a flat tailspin. No one has seen his impact. The rear gunner Sgt. Cupp of Bookerovy of the crew caught a glimpse of how one of the FW-190 ostřeluje a man on a parachute from the Bogardova of the aircraft. The same information was also confirmed by the radio operator Bookerova of the aircraft.
1 Lt. Wayne C. Bogard P POW
2 Lt. Robert D. Larsen C E?
2 Lt. James M. McGrew N POW
Sgt. Tayler D. Harrison B E?
T/Sgt. Max Gibbs, R E
T/Sgt. Arthur R. Beach E E
S/Sgt. Floyd M. Carl BT E
Sgt. Frank T. Lusic LW POW
S/Sgt. Herschel L. Richardson RW E?
S/Sgt. Cloe Rs. Crutchfield T E

Aircraft B-17 F-30-25890 F from the 327. squadron shot down by enemy fighters on 9.9.1943 in the raid on Strasbourg. It crashed near Posse, 23 miles NW from Paris.
1 Lt. Richard And. Christenson P E?
2 Lt. Lee D. Crabtree C POW
2 Lt. Arthur Stienmetz N POW?
2 Lt. William E. Harnly B POW?
S/Sgt. Michael G. Zelenak R POW?
Sgt. James T. Cimini E E?
Sgt. Jordan W. Young BT POW
Sgt. Joseph W. Cagle RW E?
Sgt. Norman R. Wagner LW POW?
Sgt. Kenneth R. Moore T E?

Aircraft B-17 F-80-BO 240010 X (photo release) from the 407. squadron lost on 9.9.1943 in the raid on Strasbourg.
Of the reporting group on the headquarters of the wing:
Aircraft 010-X spotted crash into the sea at the coordinates 5018N 0210E at 08.15 a.m. the Five men up to about, one parachute did not open and one burned. No enemy aircraft or flak were observed. The aircraft exploded at a height of 16500 feet. At a height of 16000 feet he ripped off the wings.
1 Lt. Colman R. Asher P KIA
F/O Harvey F. Protzman C KIA
2 Lt. George. R. Francis N KIA
2 Lt. John S. Chapman B KIA
T/Sgt. Otto H. Pfannebecker R POW
T/Sgt. James H. Jones E KIA
S/Sgt. William Rice BT E
S/Sgt. George C. Maerki RW KIA
S/Sgt. James G. Wilson LW E?
S/Sgt. Harry H. Plyler E POW.
URL : https://www.valka.cz/92-bombardovaci-skupina-tezka-1942-1946-t3831#57924 Version : 0
Aircraft B-17 063 J 1235 from 326. squadron crash-sat on the sea level in the Pedensey Bay near Beachy Head on 9.9.1943 after the raid on Strasbourg. The sea was rough, but the landing went flawlessly.
In 12.15, five minutes after crossing the enemy coast the aircraft dropped off the engine no. 1, five minutes later, engine no. 2 and in interval of two minutes then both of the remaining engines. Intervention by flak near primary target caused the spill of fuel and the malfunction of the directional control (the aircraft flew aside). The crew was rescued at 13.10 h. The aircraft remained on the surface of the 35 minutes.
It was the second emergency landing on water the pilot Belongii. For the first time did so 26.6.1943.
1 Lt. Blair Belongia P
2 Lt. Robert B. Klein C
F/O Howard F. Eaton N
2 Lt. George D. Jackson B
S/Sgt. James Q. Lovett R
S/Sgt. Charles M. Few E
S/Sgt. Samuel And. Purvis BT
Sgt Alfred J. Antonacci RW
S/Sgt. Stanley C. Sztorc LW
S/Sgt. Joseph M. Walsh T

Aircraft B-17 F-80-BO 230007 B from the 327. the squadron was forced to crash land on the surface of the sea on 9.9.1943 after the raid on Strasbourg. The aircraft touched down 20 miles SOUTHEAST of Selsey Bill in 12.58 hours the Crew spent in the water an hour and 10 minutes, and then was raised by the rescue. boat ASR no. 198.
1 Lt. John About. Booker P slightly injured
2 Lt. The brightness of the. And. McAvoy C, slightly wounded
2 Lt. John J. Bradley N slightly injured
2 Lt. Charles E. Bennett B
T/Sgt. Porfirio D. Garcia R
T/Sgt. Wayne E. Licher E wounded
S/Sgt. Ralph And The. Richardson BT
S/Sgt. John W. Hancock RW
S/Sgt. Eugene M. Simpson LW
S/Sgt. Ray In. Cupp T

Aircraft B-17 F-60-DL 23428 (fotoletoun) from 407. the squadron was forced to crash land on the surface of the sea on 9.9.1943 at 12.20 pm on souř. 50 20' N 00 25'E after the raid on Strasbourg. The crew was lifted out the boat ASR, but suffered lacerations and contusions.
2 Lt. Robert W. Carlson P injured
2 Lt. David T. Kindt C
2 Lt. James R. Blackburn N
2 Lt. Frank And. Price B injured
T/Sgt. Hubert E. Sprague R injured
T/Sgt. Bobby L. Boutwell E injured
Sgt Clifford J. Pruitt BT
Sgt Frank J. Holczman RW
Sgt John M. Trainer LW injured
Sgt Roy P. Ladd T hurt

Aircraft B-17 B-80-BO 229965 L from the 407. squadron crash-landed on the surface on 9.9.1943 at 12.47 pm after the raid on Strasbourg about 6 miles from the French coast north of Le Havre. The crew was saved.
1/ Frederick T. Prasse P
2/ Jos. With. Thornton C
2/ David C. Besbris N
S/ Fred Champion B
T/ Laurence E. Dennis R
S/ John Geegee E
S/ Jn W. Disyeo BT slightly wounded
With/ Ott F. Trammer - rw RW
S/ Charles H. Hartnett - lw LW slightly wounded
S/ Roland And. Galloway - t T
URL : https://www.valka.cz/92-bombardovaci-skupina-tezka-1942-1946-t3831#57930 Version : 0
Aircraft B-17F 23183 from 327. squadron exploded in the air on 23.9.1943 still over the territory of England. The wreckage of the aircraft landed near Crowland, hr. Lincolnshire.

2 Lt. Henly M. Ogburn P saved himself
2 Lt. Sam J. Lusac P rescued
2 Lt. Victor Barnett N rescued
2 Lt. James T. Corrigan B rescued
S/Sgt. Joseph Martin E KIA
S/Sgt. Edward A. Komski R KIA
S/Sgt. William H. Wells BT KIA
S/Sgt. Paul Q. Tumbler W rescued
S/Sgt. Ed R. Eubanks W rescued
S/Sgt. Raphael C. Semerath T rescued
URL : https://www.valka.cz/92-bombardovaci-skupina-tezka-1942-1946-t3831#57934 Version : 0

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Letoun B-17 230646 od 326. perutě sestřelen dne 4.10.1943 během náletu na Frankfurt n.M. Byl napaden dvěma FW-190 krátce za cílem a naposledy spatřen jak klesá s motorem č. 2 a křídlem v plamenech.

2 Lt. Carson Fleming P POW
2 Lt. Arthur M. Larson C POW
2 Lt. Robert W. Purdom N POW
S/Sgt. Joseph N. Suss Tog POW
S/Sgt. Raynold H. McMann R POW
S/Sgt. Hugh H. Spencer E POW
S/Sgt. Florian J. Fenclau BT POW
S/Sgt. Alfred J. Antonacci RW KIA
Sgt. Thomas A. Cleveland LW KIA
S/Sgt. Joe Turon T POW
URL : https://www.valka.cz/92-bombardovaci-skupina-tezka-1942-1946-t3831#57941 Version : 0

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Letoun B-17 F-75-DL 23554 od 326. perutě byl sestřelen dne 9.10.1943 po náletu na Gdyni nepřátelskými stíhačkami nad dánským pobřežím. Letoun byl zasažen raketou a motor č.2 se vznítil. Pilot zapraporoval vrtuli, ale letoun ztrácel výšku. Dvě posádky ohlásily dopad B-17 do vody. Bylo spatřeno 6 padáků.

2 Lt. William F. Whelan P KIA
2 Lt. Frank F. Tomlinson C KIA
2 Lt. David T. Emery N KIA
2 Lt. Fred S. Rodway B KIA
S/Sgt. John D. Neville R POW
T/Sgt. Harold R. Hecker E KIA
S/Sgt. Glenn H. Winch BT POW
S/Sgt. James D. Batson RW POW
S/Sgt. Ralph S. Martinez LW POW
S/Sgt. Walter J. Zimmerman T POW
URL : https://www.valka.cz/92-bombardovaci-skupina-tezka-1942-1946-t3831#57944 Version : 0

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Letouny ztracené 14.10.1943 při náletu na Schweinfurt:

Letoun B-17F-90-BO 230231 O od 326. perutě byl ve 13.57 hod na souř. 5017N-0733E zasažen raketou do kořene křídla, které se po zásahu utrhlo. Byl spatřen, jak padá v plamenech. Než ve výšce 21000 stop vybuchl, byl spatřen 1 padák.

2 Lt. Ray E. Clough P POW
F/O Jas. H. Dickens C POW
2 Lt. Frederick J. Bird N POW
2 Lt. Wm. F. Fraser B POW
T/Sgt. Jones B. Jackson R POW
T/Sgt. Bandy A. Herman E POW
S/Sgt. Jas. J. Cauley BT POW
S/Sgt. Jack H. Calvert RW POW
S/Sgt. Geo. L. Woiblett LW POW
S/Sgt. Arthur B. Bomberger T POW

Letoun B-17F 230387F-100-BO 326. perutě byl naposledy spatřen ve 13.42 h nad Dürenem jak ztrácí výšku s motory 3 a 4 v plamenech, jedna vrtule v praporu, 9 padáků.

Maj. George L. Ott P/325th Sq CO POW
1 Lt. George L. Long C POW
2 Lt. Malcolm A. Champagne N POW
2 Lt. Jerome S. Tiger B KIA
S/Sgt. Richd. A. Spellerberg R POW
T/Sgt. Raymond Hottenstein E POW
S/Sgt. John H. Benson BT POW
Sgt. Harold W. Clark RW POW
Sgt. Joe Pribish LW POW
S/Sgt. James Proakis T POW

Letoun B-17F-115-BO 230654 W od 327. perutě byl spatřen jak vybuchl po zásahu raketou do prostoru pumovnice.

1 Lt. Julian T. Brown P POW
2 Lt. Harold C. Toombs C KIA
2 Lt. Fred L. Dougherty N KIA
S/Sgt. W. S. Harrison Tog KIA
T/Sgt. James E. Giebell R KIA
T/Sgt. Donald J. Sack E KIA
S/Sgt. John I. Johnson BT POW
S/Sgt. George A. Rinko RW KIA
S/Sgt. Vaughn E. Bowers LW KIA
S/Sgt. Raphael C. Simeroth T POW?

Letoun B-17F-120-BO 230824od 327. perutě byl těsně před cílem zasažen střelami z 20 mm kanonu Me-109. Po svržení bomb byl spatřen jak řízeně klesá.

2 Lt. Frank M. Talbot P KIA
2 Lt. Elvin C. Erickson C KIA
2 Lt. James H. Houser N POW
2 Lt. Edward L. Walter B POW
S/Sgt. Gerald F. Young R KIA
S/Sgt. Edward M. Evans E KIA
S/Sgt. Donovan W. Jones BT POW
S/Sgt. Arlen R. Harmon RW POW
Sgt. William C. Tench LW POW
S/Sgt. Nelson W. Smith T KIA

Letoun B-17F-115-BO 230708 od 407. perutě sestřelen nad cílem nepřátelskými stíhačkami.

2 Lt. William J. Byrne P KIA
2 Lt. Clyde S. Fairchild C POW
2 Lt. Robert J. McCarthy N POW
Sgt. George W. Reynard Tog POW
Sgt. John D. Carr R KIA
S/Sgt. Robert W. Fisher E POW
S/Sgt. Anthony V. Gerard BT KIA
S/Sgt. Jack M. Pmphrey RW POW
S/Sgt. Ernest R. Raines LW POW
Sgt. John G. Krupinsky T POW

Letoun B-17F-115-BO 230726 S od 407. perutě

1 Lt. Stafford W. Webb P KIA
2 Lt. Harry G. McIntosh C POW
2 Lt. James R. Blackburn N KIA
S/Sgt. Joe C. Castillo Tog KIA
Sgt. Harold F. Cooke R POW
S/Sgt. Albert D. Drgon E KIA
S/Sgt. George J. Caldon BT POW
Sgt. Carl W. Ward RW POW
Sgt. Joseph F. Lory LW KIA
S/ William Woodward T POW zastřelen na útěku
URL : https://www.valka.cz/92-bombardovaci-skupina-tezka-1942-1946-t3831#58209 Version : 0
The aircraft B-17 G-1-VE 239831 L from the 327th Squadron was lost on November 5, 1943 during a raid on Gelsenkirchen. The aircraft suffered a flak hit just behind the target and then was shot down by FW-190. The crew parachuted.

Capt. John O. Booker P POW
May. Wilson P. Todd CO POW
1Lt. John J. Bradley N (Squadron Commander) Escape *
1Lt. Robert S. Wilkins B POW
T/Sgt. William L. Warren E POW
T/Sgt. Porfirio D. Garcia R POW
S/Sgt. John W. Hancock BT POW
S/Eugene M. Sampson RW POW
S/Sgt. Ray V. Cupp LW POW
1Lt. James A. McAvoy T POW

* Lt. Bradley was captured and imprisoned in Brussels (Civilian Internment Camp). Together with 2 Lt. Ford W. Babcock (who was shot down on January 1, 1944) escaped from the train, which evacuated them to Germany. The train was derailed by local patriots
URL : https://www.valka.cz/92-bombardovaci-skupina-tezka-1942-1946-t3831#58210 Version : 0
Aircraft B-17 F-75-BO 229996 R from the 407. the squadron lost on 16.11.1943 during a raid at Knaben in Norway.

2 Lt. Joseph F. Thornton P POW
2 Lt. Whitney M. Bray C POW
2 Lt. David C. Besbris N Ran Away
2 Lt.Arthur And.Carmell B POW
S/Sgt. JohnGeeGee E POW
T/Sgt. Laurence E. Dennis R POW
S/Sgt. Dean M. Sommers BT POW
S/Sgt. Otto F. Trammer RW POW
S/Sgt. Charles H. Hartnett LW POW
S/Sgt. Rolland And. Galloway T POW.
URL : https://www.valka.cz/92-bombardovaci-skupina-tezka-1942-1946-t3831#58211 Version : 0

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Letoun B-17F-110-BO 230608 T od 326. perutě ztracen 26.11.1943 při náletu na Brémy. Naposledy spatřen v chumlu nepřátelských stíhaček.

2 Lt. Truman A. Shannon P KIA
2 Lt. Theodore R. Hansen C KIA
2 Lt. Jos. H. Joffe N KIA
2 Lt. Robt E. Hamm B KIA
T/Sgt. Paul D. Magness E KIA
T/Sgt. Clarence L. Wentzell R KIA
S/Sgt. Grady H. Gwin BT KIA
S/Sgt. Ireene R. Plante RW KIA
S/Sgt. David W. Hurley LW KIA
S/Sgt. Wm. H. Langford TG KIA

Letoun B-17 F-30-DL 23165 T od 327. perutě ztracen 26.11.1943 při náletu na Brémy.
2 Lt. Hugh C. Doughtery, Jr. P KIA
2 Lt. 2 Lt. Hugh C. Doughtery, Jr. C KIA
2 Lt. Samuel Korvelak N KIA
2 Lt. Paul L. Marshall, Jr. B POW
S/Sgt. Robert L. Cox E KIA
S/Sgt. Raymond W. Barnes R POW
Sgt. Henry J. Davis BT KIA
Sgt. David W. H. Rood RW KIA
S/Sgt. Edward E. Iantosca LW POW
S/Sgt. Robert A. Valdez T KIA
URL : https://www.valka.cz/92-bombardovaci-skupina-tezka-1942-1946-t3831#58212 Version : 0
Aircraft B-17 F-70-BO 230803 from the 325. the squadron was just behind the target hit spot to right wing on a raid to Solingen on 1.12.1943.
2 Lt. George C. Hall P KIA
1 Lt. Everett D. Smith C KIA
2 Lt. James M. Kelly N KIA
Paul H. Hughes, Jr. B KIA
S/Sgt. Frank C. Lockman R KIA
S/Sgt. Ralph W. Anderson E KIA
Sgt. Louis B. Madison BT KIA
S/Sgt. Loyd L. Quarles W KIA
S/Sgt. William C.... Lilienthal, Jr. W KIA
S/Sgt. Donald L. Wilson T POW substitute for the sick person shooter; his 1. mission.
URL : https://www.valka.cz/92-bombardovaci-skupina-tezka-1942-1946-t3831#58215 Version : 0
Aircraft B-17 F-115-BO 230677 K from 326. squadron lost 16.12.1943 during a raid on Bremen. Mysteriously aborted mission over enemy coast, all engines running. Reportedly had no technical difficulties. Ground stations received no movement information.

Lt. Edward C. Walsh P KIA
Lt. Herbert S. Haycock C KIA
Lt. Jerome K. Hanson N KIA
Lt. David Pinellas B KIA
Sgt. Joseph L. Cole E KIA
S/Sgt. Lee Folsom R POW
Sgt. Herman D. Morgan BT Escape
Sgt. William W. Higbe, Jr. W POW
Sgt. Loral Martin W Escape
Sgt. Ralph F. Conley T KIA
URL : https://www.valka.cz/92-bombardovaci-skupina-tezka-1942-1946-t3831#58216 Version : 0
Aircraft B-17 F-115-BO 230648 from the 327. squadron lost 20.12.1943 in a raid on Bremen.

2 Lt. Edward H. Cole P KIA
2 Lt. Verdi L. Ventling C POW
2 Lt. Willie F. Bowles N KIA
2 Lt. Jos. W. Toth B POW
S/Sgt. Wm. L. New, Jr. E POW
S/Sgt. John J. Hanratti R KIA
S/Sgt. Michael E. Stefansky BT KIA
S/Sgt. Lewis In. Mark RW KIA
Sgt. Chas. N. Doyle LW KIA
Sgt. Homer D. Tayler T KIA.
URL : https://www.valka.cz/92-bombardovaci-skupina-tezka-1942-1946-t3831#58218 Version : 0

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Letoun B-17 F-30-DL 23184 Q, „Alliquippa“ od 407. perutě nouzově přistál v Holandsku po náletu na Osnabrück dne 22.12.1943.

2 Lt. Harry J. Roeber P POW
Casmir J. Paulinsky C POW
Donald J. McPhee N POW
George Sokolsky B POW
Walter T. Sybo E POW
Hubert T. O'Neill R POW
Clayton C. Verlo BT POW
Royce E. McGillvary W POW
Seymour W. Wolfson W POW
Irwin L. Sumpter T POW
URL : https://www.valka.cz/92-bombardovaci-skupina-tezka-1942-1946-t3831#58219 Version : 0
Aircraft B-17 F-120-BO 230733 from the 326. squadron lost on 31.12.1943 in the raid on the French airport. Cut off the mission over Brestem and crash-landed near Bordeaux.

2 Lt. James And. Grumbles P Fled
F/O Lloyd C. Busboom C Fled
2 Lt. Edward F. Neu N Fled
2 Lt. Robert G. McGee B POW
Sgt. Richard J. Frievalt R POW
With./Sgt. Clarence J. Muntzinger E POW
S/Sgt. Alex J. Dominsky* BT Fled
Sgt. Hugh L. Halsell, Jr. RW POW
Sgt. Miland Country Of W. Bills LW POW
Sgt. Michael F. Cahill, Jr. T POW

*Sgt. Dominski jumped out of a parachute. Because he had no opportunity to return to England, added to the French odbojářům. In march 1944 with a small group attended the fight with the Germans in St. Cloud de Charente. He and his comrades in arms were raněni, however, not fatally, but their bodies were found with prostřelenými heads, which is indicative of the fact that the Germans wounded executed. Their mortal remains were moved to Poitiers and buried..
URL : https://www.valka.cz/92-bombardovaci-skupina-tezka-1942-1946-t3831#58221 Version : 0

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Letoun B-17 F-30-DL 23186 od 327. perutě byl ztracen dne 31.12.1943 při náletu na fr. letiště. Německé stíhačky poškodily motory letounu a posádka nouzově přistála na poli ve Francii.

2 Lt. Coleman Goldstein P Uprchl
2 Lt. Shirley V. Casey C Uprchl
2 Lt. Herbert Brill N Uprchl
2 Lt. John E. Maloney B POW
Sgt. Herbert C. Edenholm R POW
Sgt. William A. Weber E Uprchl
Sgt. George Jasman BT Uprchl
S/Sgt. Nicholas Mucci RW POW
Sgt. Emil J. Mahne LW POW
Sgt. Owen R. Scott T Uprchl
URL : https://www.valka.cz/92-bombardovaci-skupina-tezka-1942-1946-t3831#58222 Version : 0

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Letoun B-17 F-120-BO 230735, „Rough Group“ od 327. perutě ztracen dne 31.12.1943 při náletu na fr. letiště. Byla to první mise posádky. Byli napadeni nepř. stíhačkami těsně za cílovou oblastí a s jediným funkčním motorem se jim podařilo nouzově přistát v provincii Vendee.

2 Lt. Michael J. Stroff, Jr. P POW
2 Lt. Alexander G. Denniston C POW
2 Lt. Frederick L. Coulter, Jr. N POW
2 Lt. Robert G. Meakin B POW
S/Sgt. August K. Struhar R Uprchl
S/Sgt. Michael Colamonico E POW
Sgt. Thomas W. Martin, Jr. BT POW
Sgt. Stanley L. Prus RW POW
Sgt. Anthony L. Mills, Jr. LW Uprchl
Sgt. Harold F. Maher T Uprchl
URL : https://www.valka.cz/92-bombardovaci-skupina-tezka-1942-1946-t3831#58223 Version : 0

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Letoun B-17F 23494 od 325. perutě sestřelen flakem nad cílem dne 4.1.1944 při náletu na Kiel. (Letoun byl zapůjčen od 407. perutě).

2 Lt. Raymond J. Mancu P KIA
Robert L. Owen C KIA
Lee W. Brennan N KIA
James R. Hughes B KIA
Harold W. Wolf E KIA
Maurice E. Helsom R KIA
Francis C. McEnery BT KIA
Howard D. Benson RW KIA
Kenneth J. Miller LW KIA
Russell O. Sehm T KIA
URL : https://www.valka.cz/92-bombardovaci-skupina-tezka-1942-1946-t3831#58225 Version : 0

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Letoun B-17 231016 od 326. perutě ztracen dne 4.1.1944 při náletu na Kiel.
2 Lt. Joseph C. Hughes P POW
2 Lt. Bromby S. Westlake C POW
2 Lt. Albert Stern N POW
2 Lt. Ford W. Babcock B Uprchl*
S/Sgt. Richard L. Martin R KIA
S/Sgt. John P. Ponon E POW
William W. Ward BT POW
Sgt. Harold Kurlanshik W POW
Sgt. John S. Toth W POW
Sgt. Raymond M. Milcsik T POW
*Lt. Babcock byl zajat a uvězněn v Bruselu (Civilian Internment Camp). Společně s 2 Lt. John J. Bradleyem (který byl sestřelen 5.11.1943) uprchli z vlaku, kterým byli evakuováni do Německa. Vlak vykolejili místní vlastenci.
URL : https://www.valka.cz/92-bombardovaci-skupina-tezka-1942-1946-t3831#58226 Version : 0
Aircraft B-17F 230711 from 407. squadron lost 29.1.1944 during a raid on Frankfurt. It crashed in Boid de Genech in northern France.

2 Lt. James F. Holdren P KIA
Robert L. Baughn C KIA
Ewald Huebachner N KIA
Norman Wolff B KIA
Jess T. Irving, Jr. E KIA
Earl E. Goewert R KIA
Ronald F. Preston BT KIA
Chas. M. Anderson W POW
Chas. W. Galloway W POW
Raymond T. Deverse T KIA
URL : https://www.valka.cz/92-bombardovaci-skupina-tezka-1942-1946-t3831#58229 Version : 0
Aircraft B-17 G-1-IN 239770 Q from the 326. squadron lost 20.2.1944 in a raid on Leipzig. After a bombing hit flakem approximately 50 miles WSW of Leipzig, flight engineer died immediately, the rest of the crew jumped out. The aircraft controlled by the autopilot continued to fly, slowly loosing height until finally landed with three engines on the snow-covered ground, slid through the valley and stopped at the hillside across the road Strasse Ahrdt in Altenkirchenu. The germans believed that the aircraft landed the crew and a few days after her to no avail searched.

2 Lt. Harvey H. Jessen P POW
2 Lt. Dale C. Alexander C POW
2 Lt. Donald M. Austin N POW
2 Lt. In Lynwood And. Argenbright B POW
S/Sgt. Duane M. Bingham R POW
S/Sgt. William G. Belk E KIA
Sgt. Frederick E. Arrouquier BT POW
Sgt. Joseph G. Pietruszewski RW POW
Sgt. Robert S. Conrad LW POW
S/Sgt. Wilbur H. Brownlee T POW.
URL : https://www.valka.cz/92-bombardovaci-skupina-tezka-1942-1946-t3831#58232 Version : 0

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Letoun B-17 G-15-BO 231411 R od 327. perutě ztracen 21.2.1944 při náletu na Hopsten v Německu. Do levého křídla narazil Me-110, letoun zachvátily plameny a ještě než zmizel v oblacích, rozpadl se.

2 Lt. James A. McEvoy P KIA
2 Lt. Gene D. Piburn C POW
1 Lt. Victor E. Barnett N KIA
2/ Robt. T. Bottorff B KIA
S/Sgt. Delbert C. Miller R POW
T/Sgt. James R. McNutt E KIA
Sgt. George E. Lenar BT KIA
S/Sgt. Clarence F. Shutts RW KIA
Sgt. Lewis Bispham, Jr. LW KIA
Sgt. Orvin P. Miller T POW
URL : https://www.valka.cz/92-bombardovaci-skupina-tezka-1942-1946-t3831#58404 Version : 0

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Letoun B-17 B-30-BO 231860 L od 407. perutě ztracen 21.2.1944 při náletu na Hopsten. Naposledy spatřen na Holandskem jak s jedním nefunkčním motorem ztrácí výšku.

2 Lt. Ralph K. Skoubo P POW
1 Lt. William B. Campbell C POW
2 Lt. Richard M. Baker N POW
2 Lt. Billy R. Corretti B POW
T/Sgt. Russell F. Kennedy R POW
T/Sgt. John R. Hewitt E KIA
S/Sgt. Hal E. Poe BT POW
S/Sgt. Charles S. Thorburn RW POW
S/Sgt. James Dively LW POW
Sgt. John F. Sherrets T POW
URL : https://www.valka.cz/92-bombardovaci-skupina-tezka-1942-1946-t3831#58405 Version : 0

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Letoun B-17 G-15-VE 297494 N od 325. perutě se 22.2.1944 při náletu na Aalborg v Dánsku zřítil do Severního moře.

2 Lt. Robert Wolf P KIA
2 Lt. William J. Montgomery C KIA
2 Lt. Jesse W. Price N KIA
Capt. Morton T. French, Jr. B KIA
S/Sgt. Anthony D. Verrico R KIA
S/ Richard H. Gilmore E KIA
S/Sgt. Howard A. Jones BT KIA
Sgt. Kenneth A. Happe RW KIA
S/Sgt. Glenn A. Asp LW KIA
Sgt. Harold G. Ellis T KIA
URL : https://www.valka.cz/92-bombardovaci-skupina-tezka-1942-1946-t3831#58406 Version : 0

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Letoun B-17 G-15-BO 231377 U od 327. perutě se dne 22.2.1944 při náletu na dánský Aalborg srazil s Me-109.

2 Lt. William R. Lavies P KIA
2 Lt. Elijah J. Vaughn C POW
2 Lt. Francis B. Peacock N POW
2 Lt. Robert S. Shuman B POW
S/Sgt. John J. Walcott R POW
T/Sgt. Neil E. Byers E POW
S/Sgt. Lester F. Schrenk BT POW
S/Sgt. Peter Guastella RW POW
Sgt. William E. Harman LW POW
S/Sgt. Vernon C. Swindler T POW
URL : https://www.valka.cz/92-bombardovaci-skupina-tezka-1942-1946-t3831#58407 Version : 0

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Letouny 92nd BG ztracené dne 24.2.1944 při náletu na Schweinfurt:

B-17 G-5-BO 231180 U od 326. perutě
2 Lt. Robert L. Clayton P KIA
2 Lt. Leon W. Cavender C KIA
2 Lt. John A. Galbraith N KIA
2 Lt. Paul H. Alexander B POW
Sgt. Herman W. Rahn R KIA
M/Sgt. Nathan T. Grant E KIA
Sgt. Paul I. McDade BT KIA
S/Sgt. Lewis O. Lilly RW KIA
Sgt. Samuel H. Smith LW POW
Sgt. Chester P. Zahaba T KIA

B-17 G-35-BO 232034 W od 407. perutě (první mise posádky)
2 Lt. John W. Rapp N POW
2 Lt. Donald N. Bruton P POW
2 Lt. Francis X. Lunney C POW
2 Lt. Robt. L. Sandbrock B KIA
T/Sgt. Bordon H. Lindsay R POW
S/Sgt. Albert W. Gatlin E POW
S/Sgt. Earl H. Flanery BT KIA
Sgt. Maurice B. Tench RW KIA
Sgt. Fred Baker, Jr. LW POW
Sgt. Eugene B. Taggart, Jr. T POW

B-17 G-10-VE 240047 Q od 407. perutě
2 Lt. Melvin P. Scarborough P POW
2 Lt. Earle C. Rathke C POW
2 Lt. Seymour Guff N KIA
2 Lt. Wm. H. Raffle, Jr. B POW
S/Sgt. Kenneth R. Bishop R POW
S/Sgt. John F. Maloney E POW
Sgt. Harrison D. Teitz BT POW
Sgt. Lawrence E. Romig RW POW
S/Sgt. Everett E. Ellis LW POW
Sgt Richd B. Johnson T POW
URL : https://www.valka.cz/92-bombardovaci-skupina-tezka-1942-1946-t3831#58408 Version : 0
Aircraft 92nd BG lost on 25.2.1944 during a raid on Stuttgart and Augsburg:

Aircraft B-17 G-10-DL 237755 NV AND the "Dottie G" from the 325. squadron crash-landed in Switzerland, the crew of the internována.
2 Lt. Clifford P. Beach P
F/O Homer L. Ford C
2 Lt. John P. Keefer N
Pvt. William And. Lenovich B
S/Sgt. Paul Terry R
S/ Thos H. Winkler E
Sgt. Joseph W. Martin BT
Pvt. Eugene O. Seipold RW
Sgt. George F. Schaub LW
Sgt. Raymond J. Wilcox R

Aircraft B-17 B-115-BO 230623 L (photo-airplane) from 326. squadron hit by flakem in sight of Stuttgart; another intervention in Saarbrücken force it to leave the formation and was then attacked by two Me-109. Over Falstroffem the crew of the aircraft left. The aircraft cut the wing high-voltage power lines and crashed in the woods approximately one mile from the Laumesfeldu.
2 Lt. Charles G. "Gordon" Nashold P KIA
2 Lt. James L. Liles C POW
2 Lt. George R. Fahlstrom N POW
2 Lt. Fred W. Butler B POW
S/Sgt. William E. Schuff R POW
S/Sgt. William J. Richardson E POW
Pvt. Earl E. Keller BT KIA
Sgt. Paul In. Zeman RW POW
Sgt. Leo J. Connors LW POW
Pvt. Tommy E. Radman T POW.
URL : https://www.valka.cz/92-bombardovaci-skupina-tezka-1942-1946-t3831#58409 Version : 0
Aircraft 92nd BG lost 6.3.1944 in a raid on Berlin:

B-17G 231503 L from the 325. squadron

1 Lt. Frank Krizan P POW
Nicholas J. Stevason C POW
Otis R. Fuller N POW
Adolph J. Dobek B POW
Frank And. Vitrano E POW
Malcolm On. Mayes R POW
Gerald C. O'day BT POW
William R. Gammel RW POW
Casimer M. Jaworski LW POW
Marvin L. Harrison T POW

B-17 240052 X from the 326. squadron. The crew observed in the jump chute.

1 Lt. Wallace C. Upson P POW
Lt. Frank W. Hilger C Fled
Lt. William E. Thompson N POW
Lt. Robert E. Dorgan B To
S/Sgt. Maurice Hargrove E Fled – for a while interned in Switzerland
Pvt. Lewis On The. Schultz R POW
Sgt. William W. Bishop BT POW
Pvt. Reece (B. Walton RW POW
Sgt. Neal Persons LW Fled – for a while interned in Switzerland
Sgt. Bradley J. Standlee T POW

B-17 297527 from the 327. squadron (fotoverze). The aircraft was last seen as he was blasted by the eruption.

1 Lt. Rex M. Townsend P KIA
Lt. Gunnar T. Swanson, Jr. C KIA
Lt. Kenneth R. Kinsella N KIA
Lt. Ralph H. Ballmer B KIA
T/Sgt. Harry J. Horton E KIA
T/Sgt. Ingvard And. Jensen R KIA
Sgt. William F. Bedenk BT KIA
S/Sgt. Harold W. DeGroat RW KIA
S/Sgt. David Elowitz LW KIA
Orlando D. Maicco T POW

B-17 231680 P from the 407. squadron was shot down by FW-190, sighted eight parachutes.

1 Lt. Elmyran R. Cooper P KIA
Arthur And The. Pinzke C POW
Arthur J. Croci N POW
John D. Williams B, POW
William In. Trask E POW
Joseph E. Frazier R POW
Charles R. Gates BT POW
Charles And. Ryno RW POW
Hubert In. Garrett LW POW
The Wallace H. Baldwin T POW.
URL : https://www.valka.cz/92-bombardovaci-skupina-tezka-1942-1946-t3831#58411 Version : 0
Aircraft 92nd BG lost 23.3.1944 during a raid on Hamm in Germany:

B-17 231455 from 326. the squadron shot down over Natelnem near Münster.

2 Lt. Clifford L. Robbins P POW
Lt. Frederick R. Maxwell C POW?
Lt. Martin Feingold N POW
Lt. Richard H. Kappel B POW
Sgt. J. G. Wilson E KIA
Lester L. Petig R KIA
Ysaya W. Dirosario BT POW
Samuel In. Nelson RW, KIA
Walter W. Richardson LW KIA
Frank J. Page T POW

B-17 231888 from 326. squadron

2 Lt. Edward R. Larrivee P KIA
2 Lt. Jack Wilson C KIA
2 Lt. Elvin J. Lageson N KIA
S/Sgt. Frank G. Adams B POW
T/Sgt. Joseph E. LeBlanc E KIA
S/Sgt. Jack J. Bogal R POW
Sgt. Maynard L. Dunker BT KIA
Sgt. Ferman J. Wilson RW, KIA
Sgt. James And.M. Helms LW KIA
S/Sgt. Joseph W. Arant T KIA

B-17 231231 from 326. squadron

2 Lt. Homer C. Wall P KIA
John H. Abel C KIA
James P. Hyland, Jr. N POW
Sidney Trink B POW
William D. Turner E KIA
Ted E. Dilley R POW
Andrew J. Toporcer BT POW
James Dibrino RW POW
Kenneth W. Porter LW POW
Leonard And. Luba T POW

B-17 231532 "Black Magic" from 326. squadron

2 Lt. Henry W. Murdock P POW
Frank F. Evans C POW
Martin F. Maher N POW
Paul R. Marts B POW
Harry T. Bryant E POW
George H. Anderson R POW
Bernard H. Kandcer BT KIA
Carl H. Chumley RW KIA
Jack M. Williamson LW KIA
John J. Verona T POW

B-17 23104 from the 325. squadron

1 Lt. Douglas L. MacDonald P POW
Thomas J. Corkin C POW
Roger J. Blake N POW escaped
Abner E. Fleisher B POW
Charles M. Lowe E POW
Walter D. Jucha R POW
Robert T. Waddle BT POW
Jones, Ernest H. RW POW
James N. Barrow LW POW
William P. Bailey T POW.
URL : https://www.valka.cz/92-bombardovaci-skupina-tezka-1942-1946-t3831#58412 Version : 0
I list here some of the lost aircraft and their cause of crash:

6.9.1942 - B-17 E (19026) - Shot down by Fw 190 of 4./JG 26, Ofw. Michael Roth, 17 kills, NW of Le Tréport, 19:06.

9.10.1942 - B-17 E (19018) - Shot down Fw 190 of 7./JG 26, Lt. Walter Meyer, 18 kills, 10:55.

3.9.1943 - B-17 (?) - Shot down Fw 190 of 4./JG 26, squadron commander Lt. Helmut Hoppe, 19 kills, S of Paris, 9:30.

5.11.1943 - B-17 G (G-1-VE 239831 L) - Shot down Fw 190 of 3./JG 26, Fw. Peter Ahrens, 9 kills, Vierlingsbeek, 14:03.

11.1.1944 - 2x B-17 (?) and (?) - Both aircraft were shot down by JG 26 aircraft, namely Fw 190 of 6./JG 26, Oblt. Walter Matoni, 10 kills, Tubbergen, 10 km S of Almelo, 13:30 and Bf 109 of 7./JG 26, Uffz. Rudolf Georgi, 1 kill, E of Lingen, 13:12.

24.2.1944 - 3x B-17 - These three aircraft were shot down by Fw 190 and Bf 109 of JG 26.

29.4.1944 - One B-17 of the two lost B-17 92 BG fell victim to an Fw 190 of 5./JG 26, Ofw. Gerhard Vogt, 26 kills, NE of St. Omer, 14:30.
URL : https://www.valka.cz/92-bombardovaci-skupina-tezka-1942-1946-t3831#59852 Version : 0
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