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Czechoslovak fighters in the Battle of France - 1940

The article describes the structure of the French fighter air force in the spring of 1940 and the incorporation of Czechoslovak fighters into it. Furthermore, the success of individual Czechoslovak fighters for individual fighter squadrons ( GC - Groupe de Chasse ) according to the type of aircraft.

ľEscadrille Laffayette

The Escadrille Laffayette was undoubtedly a famous unit. However, its significance did not lie in her combat successes - although her score was definitely positive, the number of victories was rather among the average. It wasn't so much about what she could do, but rather about what she symbolized - she was a unit of American volunteers, often from wealthy families whose country had not yet been at war. These young men could stay at home in comfort, but instead decided to fight for what they thought was right.

The first victory of the Armée de ľ Air in World War II

Although France and Britain declared war on Germany on September 3, 1939, and the RAF began combat operations that day, the French air force seemed unaffected by the change. The first contact of the Armée de l'Air with the Luftwaffe did not take place until five days later, and for the French the encounter did not turn out badly at all.



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