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SOV - ZPU-2 (2x14,5mm protiletadlový kulomet)

ZPU-2 Zenitno pulemjotnaja ustanovka. Digits 2 indicates the number of the main, therefore, the double-barreled gun.
See more ZPU-1.

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Pěkná fotografie ZPU-2 z muzea KECEL, snad Maďarsko.
TTD se pokusím někde sehnat ke všem ZPU
SOV - ZPU-2 (2x14,5mm protiletadlový kulomet) -

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SOV - ZPU-2 (2x14,5mm protiletadlový kulomet) -

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SOV - ZPU-2 (2x14,5mm protiletadlový kulomet) -

SOV - ZPU-2 (2x14,5mm protiletadlový kulomet) -

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Length - 3900 mm
Width - 1665 mm
Height - 1100 mm when shooting, 1500 mm marching
Total weight - 660 kg (300 pcs) ammo
Marching weight - 1000 kg (two-wheeled chassis)

Weapons - 2x 14.5 mm KPV,
length 2000 mm, weight 50,2 kg
weight mainly with tlum. flame - 19,7 kg
the rate of fire theoretical - 2 x 550 rounds/min
practical - 2 x 150 rounds/min
ústová speed 980 -1100 m/s
supply - metal strip 150 pcs in a box on the cradle

Ammo - 14,5 x 114
the weight of the shoot - 60 - 69 g ( B-32, BZT, BS-41, PZ. BST)
the length of the hub 156 mm, weight about 200 g

Sight upgraded version - automatic ZAPP-2
with ballistics compiled for the bullet B-32, weighing 64 g, and Vo - 945 m/s
If someone is a gun sight looks familiar, it's not a coincidence.
Due to the fact that the ballistic trajectory of the ammunition 14,5x114 and 23x152 to 2000 m
differ by about 3%, was a sight with minimal modifications used on the ZU-23-2.

The original version of the ZPU-2 is different at first glance, the use of simpler rakursního
of the reticle and the different shape of the ammunition boxes. Changes could occur during license production.

Source : Polish prescription
Uzbr. 184/62 : 14.5 mm Podwojnie sprzežony preciwlotniczy karabin maszynowy zmodernizowany (PKMZ-2), 1962.
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The ZPU-2 base is minimalist, triangular in shape with three supports. A detachable two-wheel chassis is used for transport.
The sight of the first versions was a rakurs, of Vladimir and Markov design.


14,5mm Sparenaja zenitnaja pulemetnaja ustanovka (ZPU-2),
Setting for air defence forces, Reprint 2001
SOV - ZPU-2 (2x14,5mm protiletadlový kulomet) - Celkový pohled.

Celkový pohled.
SOV - ZPU-2 (2x14,5mm protiletadlový kulomet) - Oddělitelná kolesna.

Oddělitelná kolesna.
SOV - ZPU-2 (2x14,5mm protiletadlový kulomet) - Trojúhelníková základna

Trojúhelníková základna
SOV - ZPU-2 (2x14,5mm protiletadlový kulomet) - KPV rozebraný.

KPV rozebraný.
SOV - ZPU-2 (2x14,5mm protiletadlový kulomet) - Rakursní zaměřovač - poloha pro střelbu a složený.

Rakursní zaměřovač - poloha pro střelbu a složený.
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Source :
Manukovodstvo po remont 14,5mm pulemeta Vladimirova KPV i 14,5mm tankovogo pulemeta KPVT, Voyenizdat, Moskva 1959
SOV - ZPU-2 (2x14,5mm protiletadlový kulomet) - Řez KPV.

Řez KPV.
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thk photo color are ZU-2
the drawings are ZPU-2.
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