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Topograficko-palebná četa [1939-1939]

Tophografical-Fire Platoon

Pluton topograficzno-ogniowy

Topograficko-firing squad – Tophografical-Fire Platoon – Pluton topograficzno-ogniowy

As setnina artillery was part of the command of the light artillery regiment and was subordinate to his commander. Its task was the construction surveying of the grid and determine the coordinates of firing positions, observation and command posts, the marked landmarks and the intended objectives.

The squad consisted of: platoon commander, deputy commander, a 3-plane patrol and 1 coupling guard.

Total: 1 officer, 5 non-commissioned officers (deputy chief, commanders of patrols), 21 privates, 3 guns, 24 carbine wz. 29, 3 theodolites of the type of Wild, 3 periskopické telescopes, 3 direction finding with úhloměrem, 4 dvouspřežné carts, zone, trasírky, tables: shooting, logarithmic, solar.

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