Vertikalbordwaffe / VEBAL
Vertikalbordwaffe (VBW)

A weapons system designed to fight with armoured equipment of the enemy exerted from the year 1977 as a private initiative by the company MBB and Thomson Brandt. In connection with the device can also come across the concepts of VEBAL (label the container) and SYNDROME (the name for the sensors).

When passing over a column of enemy equipment have sensors container "scan", approximately 30 meters wide strip of land in front and on the sides of the aircraft carrier. On the basis of data captured by the systems container (the geometry of the vehicle, the IR trace, the change of the magnetic field) could be from other vehicles differentiated armored technique. The was then automatically "sent" ammo from the back of the container. There should be 18 of the French anti-tank missiles ACL-89 STRIM fitted with a cumulative warhead. Shots were fired in the direction of obliquely downward.

The result of the development became the container with sufficiently small dimensions and weight, which allowed its podvěšení under the aircraft Alpha Jet. He could wear after two VBW under each half of the wing. Flight tests of the VBW, into which was plugged the plane the F-4F (the tactical designation 37+91), were carried out at WTD-61 in Manchingu.

The Program VBW was at the beginning of the nineties stopped. Among the reasons were cuts in the budget of the German ministry of defense in connection with termination Cold war and the obvious disadvantages of the concept of the whole device - the aircraft had to with the container to fly at low altitude directly above the grouping of enemy equipment, which represented a significant risk to his victory.

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