Rolls-Royce Eagle VIII

Rolls-Royce Eagle VIII

Arrangement of cylinders: inline dvanáctiválec with the cylinder to the "In" 60° with reducer
Cooling: liquid
The drilling of war: 114,3 mm
Stroke: 165,1 mm
Swept volume: 20,328 l (dm3)
The degree of compression: 5,3 : 1
Cylinder filling: atmospheric
The preparation of the fuel mixture: 4x carburetor Claudel-Hobson
Divorce: OHC (1 intake valve and 1 exhaust for each cylinder head)
Fuel: 80 octane
Length: 1 841,5 mm
Width: 1 082 mm
Height: 1 130 mm
Weight: 435,4 kg
360 hp at 1 800 rpm./min - p
370 hp at 1 900 rpm./min - max

Manufactured: 1917 - 1922
made: 3 302 ks

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