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11,2 Kropatschek Heissig

11,2 x 51 R Kropatschek-Heissig

Austro-Hungarian hunting bullet, originally černoprachý, later laborovaný smokeless powder. Information about introduction in the literature range from 1870-84. After 2. the world. the war, this charge produced a still company Považské strojárne, Považská Bystrica, Czechoslovakia. The charge on the image produced by the "parent" company of Georg Roth of Vienna or Bratislava, the number 50 is the catalog number of the company. To the right is the bullet 7,92 x 57, photo by author.

Source: J. Hýkel, In. Malimánek "Bullets in small arms" Our troops, Prague 1998. Andersen, In. Andresen, T. Stromstad "Cartridge Cases" load your own, Norway, 1995..
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