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Famous weapons and ammunition - Desert Eagle and .50 Action Express

Who doesn't know Desert Eagle? There is probably no more "slick" weapon in Hollywood. This pistol has starred in almost all action movies. Desert Eagle pistols (Desert Eagle), it is not the famous weapon in the true sense of the word. Nevertheless, this weapon has gained great popularity, especially due to its respectable dimensions, remarkable design and impressive performance. But is she really that good?

Famous weapons and ammunition - the Colt 1911 and the .45 ACP

In 2011, a complete frenzy broke out in the shooting world. The reason was one extraordinary anniversary. That year, 100 years have passed since the creation of the Colt M 1911, one of the most famous self-loading pistols in the world. Professional periodicals spewed articles about this weapon, armament companies threw jubilee models on the market, and some armories even began production of this type, although until then it was not in the production program at all. Of course, we at can't just miss this anniversary, so we will remember this famous pistol on these pages as well. We seem to be coming, so to speak, "with a cross after funus", but it was not so easy with the creation of the famous pistol. The weapon was actually created in 1910 and a year later was officially accepted into the arsenal of the US Armed Forces. However, the first pistols were not shipped from Colt's factory until January 1912, a hundred years ago.

Law on Weapons and Ammunition

A new law on weapons and ammunition has been in force since 1 January 2003. Here you can get acquainted with it ...

Mortars and mortar shells from Slavičín

Mortars are very light and effective artillery weapons, differing from classic works mainly by mounts. They are easy to move and do not need long time to prepare fire. They are designed primarily as an accompanying weapon of infantry to destroy manpower, some uncovered targets, but also resistant targets. They shoot exclusively in the upper group of angles. The smooth barrel does not slip during the shot and the pressure of the gases on its bottom is transmitted by the bearing to the terrain.

Overcharging is not like overcharging

Everyone who is interested - even marginally - in the issue of weapons and ammunition for them has certainly heard about the reloading of ammunition. Usually, the purpose of reloading ammunition on ammunition is to save, especially in cases where the shooter fires hundreds to thousands of rounds during training ( recycling the cartridge can reduce the cost of ammunition by up to 60% ). However, by reloading, it is also possible to produce, for example, so-called "tailor-made" ammunition, ammunition for run-out calibers or ammunition that is otherwise difficult to obtain.

Story of the Wild West - guns, shootouts and gunslingers - part 1

Who wouldn't be excited about the Wild West? Stories of fearless gunslingers, bravely walking towards a gang of bandits on a deserted street in the glow of the setting sun. Stories of determined sheriffs, skilful bank robbers, amazing super shooters, noble Indians and honest cowboys. As a kid, I loved these stories. However, as I grew up, I wanted to know more about the lives of these legendary heroes, and with astonishment I began to uncover the world of the real West - which was no less exciting, but still somewhat different.

The myth of stopping effect

Or the effects of firing from small arms on the human body in connection with the choice of the caliber of the defensive weapon.



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