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  • CZK - Ro-5 detonator

    Metal, mechanical, pressure-activated, with immediate action. Used only to adjust tank metal mines PT Mi-K.

  • Electrochemical igniter ECHRO

    The ECHRO electrochemical detonator is designed for delayed detonation of charges and mines when adjusting the detonator with a combined detonator Žk.

  • PP-Mi-Šr II

    Anti-personnel pressure contact shrapnel mine (adjusted with detonator Ro-8 or Ro-8 II), medium to high resistance to overpressure at the front of the shock wave. The mine is detectable by a mine detector for metal mines.

  • Ignition Ro-4

    Bait, lightening, to secure all types of anti-tank and anti-personnel mines weighing more than 2 kg against their removal.

  • SOV - RG F1

    Shattering, defensive, time defensive grenade, activated after the throw, with UZRGM activator. It explodes in 3.2 - 4.2 s from activation. Its being thrown from the cover.


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