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Cs. armed forces in conscription [1938]


Border incidents in the Frýdlant region in September 1938

One of the northernmost corners of the Czech Republic, the Frýdlant promontory, was predestined by its location and ethnic composition to serve as an ideal place for the SdP (Sudetendeutsche Partei) and Freikorps to escalate tensions and terror in this area against financial guards, gendarmerie and SOS state units) and the Czech population, or anti-Nazis. The same situation prevailed in other places in the Sudetenland, where units of the Czechoslovak army were missing. For example, in the neighboring Šluknov promontory.

Carpathian Sic

Karpatská Siče - military organization of Ukrainians and Ruthenians. For its short existence, its members fought alongside the Czechoslovak army and shortly against it after the declaration of independence, as well as with attackers from the Hungarian and Polish paramilitary divisions and against regular units of the Royal Hungarian Army.

Czechoslovak Air Force in the Sudetenland crisis - general consideration

The Air Force was one of the six main weapons of the Czechoslovak Armed Forces, and in almost 20 years of its existence it has created a fairly exclusive position, recognizable at first glance by the color of military uniforms, a different side weapon and lavish professional badges. The specific position of the weapon was also given a special way of management, when the entire department of the Ministry of National Defense was set aside for them during the peace period. From 1934, the Air Force switched to a three-tier system of command at the level of a ministerial department - provincial headquarters - a military body, in 1936, the artillery of defense against aircraft was also incorporated into this structure.

Republikanische Wehr

The DSAP ( German Social Democracy ) remained the only German party loyal to the Czechoslovak Republic. Its military organization, the Republikanische Wehr, and its volunteers took part in Armed guard of State operations in the fight against Henlein's Freikorps, with some of its members laying down their lives for our republic.

REVIEWS: Radan Lášek - SOS Destination Unit

The publication is devoted to the issue of the security component formed in the Czechoslovak Republic on the eve of World War II. Battalions of the State Defense Guard were to prevent a sudden enemy invasion of Czechoslovakia, and their short-term but stubborn defense was to enable the mobilization and entry of Czechoslovakia. army. The greatest weight of the defensive struggles of the undeclared border war, which were gradually fought against democratic Czechoslovakia by Germany, Poland and Hungary from September 1938 to March 1939, was borne by the members of the SOS. The struggles of the Czechoslovak border guards and the victims from their ranks fell into oblivion with the establishment of totalitarian regimes. The gendarmerie, the financial guard and the uniformed security guard, from whose members the SOS members were recruited, also fell into oblivion. This review seeks to highlight publications that recall their existence.

Staff Sergeant Stanislav Kuča

Most of the biographies of the participants of the World War 2 is dedicated to personalities of foreign and domestic resistance. However, it is generally forgotten that soldiers and members of other armed forces deployed their lives and health long before the official outbreak of war. One of them was my grandfather Stanislav Kuča.

The Czechoslovak Republic and its armed forces in 1938

The Czechoslovak Republic had the character of a parliamentary democracy with the president as the head of state, strictly separated by legislative, executive and judicial powers. Its state form was given by the constitution of 1920, basic matters in the military field were codified by the Armed Forces Act of 1920 and its amendments.



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