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Michal Kuča

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  • Aleksander Gabszewicz

    One of the most successful Polish fighter pilots Generał brygady and Group Captain Aleksander Gabszewicz and his life destinies

  • Bohumir Peklo

    Recently, I got my hands on a wonderful publication by Mrs. Marcela Jurasová, "I v nebi může být Peklo" (Even in Heaven There Can Be Hell), in which, on the basis of archival sources, family archives and memories of relatives, she recalled the fate of her grandfather, Mr. Bohumír Pekl, among others, a veteran of the fighting on the Western Front during World War II. The booklet, unfortunately printed only for the family, contains not only the text but also many unpublished photographs and copies of documents.

  • Gerard Karol Ranoszek

    Gerard Ranoszek was one of the most successful Polish Night Fighters.

  • Jan Eugeniusz Zumbach

    Polish fighter pilot.

  • John Herschel Glenn

    American astronaut, military aviator, manager and politician. He was the first American to enter Earth's orbit. He was also the oldest man in space, in 1998 he was 77 on the STS-95 mission.

  • Outline of the establishment and organization of the Polish Air Force in Great Britain 1940-45

    A brief look at the establishment and organization of the Polish Air Force in Great Britain.

  • No. 304 Squadron RAF (Polish)

    History of the combat deployment of the Polish bomber squadron.

  • Pułkownik (Wing Commander) Wacław Król

    An excellent pilot and a great promoter of the Polish Air Force, about which he wrote dozens of books, both factual, fiction and memoir.

  • Staff Sergeant Stanislav Kuča

    Most of the biographies of the participants of the World War 2 is dedicated to personalities of foreign and domestic resistance. However, it is generally forgotten that soldiers and members of other armed forces deployed their lives and health long before the official outbreak of war. One of them was my grandfather Stanislav Kuča.

  • Tadeusz Henryk Rolski

    Biography of a Polish fighter ace, another of the pilots, who was in combat from the beginning to the end of the war.


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Kříž www.valka.cz

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Řád 17. května & Bar

Řád 17. května

Medaile Cti k titulu Hrdina serveru www.valka.cz

Hrdina serveru www.valka.cz

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Krzyż Walecznych

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Medal Lotniczy

Krzyż Zasługi z Mieczami - bronzový

Krzyż Virtuti Militari

Medaile J.A. Komenského

War Medal 1939-45

Air Force Medal

Air Force Cross

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Distinguished Flying Medal

Seriál "Stíhači v boji"


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