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Ivan Chudý

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  • Honorary Merit for the Red Cross (Ehrenzeichen für Verdienste um das Rote Kreuz)

    A short talk about the Honorary Merit for the Red Cross - its origin, description and method of wearing.

  • Spiritual Cross of Merit (Geistliches Verdienstkreuz - Piis Meritis)

    A short "story" about the only decoration of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, intended exclusively for military clergy - the origin, description and manner of its wearing.

  • FM Andrej Count Hadik of Futak

    Andrej Hadik came from an old Turčian peasant family, whose first demonstrable ancestors, brothers Tobiáš and Baltazár, lived in Turec at the end of the 16th century. From their descendants came several important evangelical scholars, priests, writers and teachers. His father Michal Hadik served as a captain in the Stefan Dessewffy Hussar Regiment.

  • FM František Leopold gróf Nádasdy de Fogáras

    The life story of the imperial duke and the first Hungarian bearer of the Grand Cross of the Order of Maria Theresa.

  • GO Karl Tersztyánszky von Nádas

    Biography of the Colonel General of the Austro-Hungarian Army, a descendant of the old Slovak peasant family and an important duke of the imperial army during the First World War.

  • Jubilee commemorative medal 1898

    On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the accession of Emperor Francis Joseph I to the throne, the Jubilee Commemorative Medal was established on August 18, 1898 ( with the award on the Jubilee Day - December 2, 1898 ).

  • Jubilee Cross 1908 (Jubiläumskreuz 1908)

    A short story about the Austro-Hungarian Jubilee Cross from 1908, its origin, description, as well as the method of wearing ...

  • Karl-Truppen-Kreuz

    A short story and the most common decoration of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy - the circumstances of its origin, description as well as the method of wearing.

  • Injury Medal (Verwundetenmedaille)

    Brief description of the Austro-Hungarian Medal for Injury - the circumstances of its origin, description and method of wearing.

  • Military Merit Medal (Militärverdienstmedaille)

    A short "story" about perhaps the most famous award for officers of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, known mainly thanks to the film called Signum Laudis ...

  • Military Cross of Merit (Militärverdienstkreuz)

    Military Cross of Merit - an award for officers of the Austrian army for extraordinary outlook, courage and determination in war and in peacetime for extraordinary service zeal. A short talk about its origin, description and method of wearing.


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Kříž www.valka.cz

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Řád 17. května & Bar

Řád 17. května

Řád redakce www.valka.cz

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Medaile Cti k titulu Hrdina serveru www.valka.cz

Hrdina serveru www.valka.cz

Zlatá hvězda www.valka.cz

Stříbrná hvězda www.valka.cz

Bronzová hvězda www.valka.cz

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Komander čestné legie serveru www.valka.cz

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Rytíř čestné legie serveru www.valka.cz

Čestná legie serveru www.valka.cz

Kříž za zásluhy o forum 3. třídy

Medaile za zásluhy o forum 1. stupně

Medaile za zásluhy o forum 2. stupně

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Medaile za příspěvky do Faleristiky

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Kříž za příspěvky do Jednotek

Pamětní medaile Leuthen 1757-2007

Pamětní medaile Kolín 1757-2007

Vojenský služební odznak

Bronzová medaile Za statečnost

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Armádní kříž

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Medaile c.k. zeměbrany

Vojenská záslužná medaile-bronzová+meče

Vojenská záslužná medaile - bronzová

Zlatý záslužný kříž s korunkou

Zlatý záslužný kříž

Stříbrný záslužný kříž s korunkou

Stříbrný záslužný kříž

Železný záslužný kříž s korunkou

Železný záslužný kříž

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