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Important people of the history and present from Japan


Daimjó Nobunaga Oda

Daimyo Oda Nobunaga ( 1534 - 1582 ) was a hard and ruthless warrior, an excellent strategist, but also a good farmer who understood economics.

Daimjó Shingen Takeda

Daimyo Shingen Takeda became famous mainly as an excellent strategist, who made extensive use of the knowledge from the war writings The Art of War written by the Chinese military leader Sun-c '. He was one of the most powerful daimyo of central Japan and was certainly one of the most interesting personalities of the Sengoku period.

Daimjó Sóun Hojo

Daimyo Soun Hojo was not only a very capable military leader, but also a skilful and respected politician. His ever-evolving dominion is indisputable proof of that. He laid the foundations of a powerful clan that, at the time of its greatest expansion, completely controlled six provinces in eastern Japan.

Daimjó Ujijasu Hojo

Ujijasu Hojo, the son of Ujicun Hojo and the grandson of Soun Hojo, was the third ruling lord of the Hojo clan. He is considered one of the leading nobles of the Sengoku period and at the same time the most capable of all the men who have ever ruled the Hojo clan. The first battle in Ujijas took place in 1530 at the Battle of Ozawahara. He was fifteen at the time.

General Hideki Tojo

Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of Imperial Japan convicted and executed by the Allies as a war criminal.

ONISHI Takijiro, Admiral, 1892-1945

The father of the idea of kamikaze. He was born in the mountain village of Ashida in a family with important samurai ancestors, which was naturally reflected in his upbringing and life. He was a thoughtful and excellent student, continuing his studies at the Naval Academy in Etajima, which he graduated from as the fourth best graduate of the year.

Pearl Harbor paradoxes

Given the amount of literature, from purely technical to popular, and the two feature films about the attack on Pearl Harbor, "Tora, tora" and "Pearl Harbor," it is unnecessary to describe in more detail the course of the action, American failure and subsequent shock (although there is speculation of intent). President Roosevelt, who reportedly knew about the attack), who aroused the American public from pacifism and caused the United States to enter the war, sealing the fate of the Axis powers. It will be more helpful to mention the paradoxes that have accompanied this turning point throughout history more generously than any other.

Samurai against destiny

Although it sounds like a cliché, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto and one of the greats of maritime history was actually born in 1884 to the ancient samurai family Takano. He was a child from his father's second marriage, and the proud Mr. Takano, who was 56 when he was born, called him a " fifty-six-year-old " - Japanese Isoroku. The Takano family were out of favor, as Isorok's father fought on the shogunate's side against the new " Meiji " government, which opened Japan wide to Western technology and modernization in the late 19th century. So he had no choice but to make a modest living as a swordsman in Nagaoka in the north of Honshu.




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