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Important people from Russia and Soviet Union


A family that shook the world

The Novgorod engraver Sverdlov and his wife gave the world not only the leader of the Russian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic, but also a French general and an American banker.

Dzhugashvili, Jakov Josifovic

Son of Soviet leader Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin from his first marriage to Ekaterina "Kato" Svanidze. There are a number of ambiguities surrounding his person. He was not very well known, he did not have much contact with his family, and his captivity and death are shrouded in a number of half-truths and myths.

Leading missile designer of the USSR as a CIA agent

The first declassified information about the Soviet space program is probably the tip of the iceberg - the Americans knew more than they admitted so far. Every foreigner, whether a diplomat, a businessman or a tourist, was clearly different from the local citizens - clothes, walking, gestures. A meeting of a foreigner with a Russian, Georgian, Lithuanian or other local person has always attracted the attention of others. Therefore, the news of the existence of an agent called the "Doll" or "Delta", which was one of the top rocket designers, is a surprise.

Soviet illegals against America

The arrest of dozens of Russian illegals, deeply conspired spies, by FBI counterintelligence three weeks ago shows that Moscow's covert operations against the United States, which began eighty years ago, continue.
When the Bolsheviks seized power in Russia at the end of 1917, they believed that this was the beginning of the world revolution of the proletariat. Therefore, they sent spies around the world to establish communist parties as a mushroom for future governments and at the same time obtain secret information that could help them in this effort.

The most successful Soviet snipers 1941 - 1945

The article provides basic information about the 15 most successful Red Army snipers from the period of World War II. Only those snipers who claimed more than 400 hit enemy soldiers are included. Official Soviet historiography has never published such a list, and its compilation has only taken place in recent years.

The Night the Romanov Family Died

There’s some discrepancy on the date, but on the night of July 16 or 17, 1918, Czar Nicholas II and his family were murdered by a group of extremists led by Vladimir Lenin. The events that led to this night pave a long road, but how it happened and what came after are important pieces of Russian history.

Viktor Mikhailovich Chebrikov - head of the KGB for six years

The only post-war high party and government official of the Soviet Union who went through the war as a first-line soldier. He was wounded three times in the fight and also took part in the liberation of Czechoslovakia. For six years he led the secret service of the Soviet empire to end up as the head of security of a popular singer at the end of his career.



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