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The last Soviet atomic spy declassified?

On Friday, November 2, 2007, the Russian presidency announced that Vladimir Putin had posthumously awarded the title of Russian hero George Kovalsky, the only Soviet intelligence officer who had infiltrated the Manhattan Project during World War II. All the other Soviet atomic spies were American, British and German communists. In this way, he declassified the illegal "Dmitry Delmar", about which Vladimir Lot wrote in 2002 in the book GRU i atomnaja bomba (GRU and the atomic bomb). Even five years ago, "Delmar" did not want to reveal his identity.
On Monday, November 12, 2007, the New York Times published details of the spy.

The mythization of Korolyov continues

In Russia, they celebrated heavily the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Sergei Korolyov, the mysterious Chief Designer, the man under whose leadership the R-7 rocket, the first satellite and the first spacecraft were created. At the same time, his adoration and mythization continued. However, when we look at the biographies of other important personalities, we find that this is nothing new, it is actually the fate of every distinguished person.

Too suspicious an assassination

A man of smaller stature, reaching to the top of his head, had just spoken. He overlooked the crowd once more, put on his coat, and headed out of the building. Less than ten meters from the door, a car with a driver was waiting for him. There were a lot of people all around. One of the women turned to him and asked for help. Several other hands opened the car door so he could get in. Then three shots exploded. The highest party representative of the Russian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, collapsed to the ground.