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Commander of the first independent experimental missile artillery battery in the Red Army

He participated in battles from the first days of the Great Patriotic War. He commanded a separate experimental battery of missile artillery BM-13 (Katyusha). The BM-13 was first tested in combat conditions on July 14, 1941 during the shelling of the Orsha railway station and the German pontoon bridge over the Orshica river, and the next day by firing ambush near the town of Rudnya in the Smolensk region.

Feklisov, one of the Soviet superspies, died

Alexander Feklisov, a retired KGB intelligence colonel, one of the Soviet superspies, died in Moscow on Friday, October 26, 2007. He was one of the legendary spies in Moscow, and in 1996 President Boris Yeltsin awarded him the title of Hero of the Russian Federation. He boasted that he was driving a total of seventeen spies, citizens of other states. Feklisov was one of the people who contributed to the Cold War, but on the other hand he helped to ease tensions during the Cuban crisis.

Ivan Yevgrafovich Fyodorov

Biography of a Soviet fighter and test pilot, a veteran of several conflicts from the Spanish Civil War to the fighting in Korea, in which the reported total number of victories in some sources reaches 135. The fact attempts to reveal this article.

Safonov Boris Feoktistovich

He trained as a locksmith-repairman of steam locomotives at the Tula plant and became chairman of Osoaviachi there. In the winter of 1931, he joined the glider club at the Tula Aeroclub. In August 1933 he joined the Kačina Military School of Pilots. He finished training in November 1934 and was assigned to the 40th Air Brigade armed with I-15 fighters ...




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Russia-Ukraine conflict

Russia-Ukraine conflict. Updated continuously.

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