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  • Erich Löwenhardt - the third most successful fighter pilot of the German Imperial Air Force

    The third most successful pilot of the Imperial Air Force, but unlike other famous pilots, little is known about him. No memories, letters or diaries have been preserved. He did not give an interview to any journalist and no biographical book was written about him. Compared to Richthofen or Udet, there are few photos of him and photos of his planes even less.

  • Georges Felix Madon - French fighter ace of Great War

    Biography of one of the longest-serving and most experienced pilots of the French fighter force, and with 41 confirmed victories one of the most successful.

  • Master Sergeant Llewellyn Morris Chilson - WWII Rambo

    On December 6, 1946, a ceremony was held at the White House. The headliner was a U.S. Army NCO whose deeds were often so incredible that even Rambo himself would have been envious. He was a 26-year-old young man from Ohio, Staff Sergeant Llewellyn Morris "Al" Chilson. This man received seven medals from President Harry S. Truman that day, six of which were for bravery, but the highest award was missing. The one for which he was twice nominated but never received. The Medal of Honor. In awarding it, the president said aloud, "This is the most remarkable list of citations I have ever seen. For each of them, this young man is entitled to everything the country has to offer. They are worthy even of the Medal of Honor, I think."

  • Jean Casale - Marquis of Montferat

    An event-rich but short life of a French ace and a World War I balloon destroyer with a wonderful balance. 13 confirmed and 11 probable victories.

  • Léon Bourjade - a priest on the wings of wooden angels

    Life story of the second most successful balloon destroyer of the First World War

  • Major Erich Rudorffer

    Biography of a German fighter ace with 224 victories

  • Peré Dorme - fighter ace

    Biography of the pilot, who at the time of his death was the second most successful French fighter ace

  • Pierre Marinovitch - a Serb in the service of the French republic

    Biography of the youngest French fighter ace of the First World War.

  • Brezhnevs Gray Eminence - Marshal of the Soviet Union Dmitry Fyodorovich Ustinov

    Dmitry Fyodorovich Ustinov (Дми́трий Фёдорович Усти́нов) was a Soviet politician, Marshal of the Soviet Union and from 1976 until his death Minister of Defense of the Soviet Union. In this position he was one of Brezhnev's closest collaborators and the most powerful personalities of the USSR. He was also the Hero of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and the holder of a number of high Soviet and foreign decorations.


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