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Michal Šimůnek

Michal Šimůnek

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  • Economist, politician.

  • Nuremberg courts with war criminals

    More details on the Nuremberg trials with war criminals of Nazi Germany.

  • Structures of Nazi security forces in the Protectorate

    A more detailed treatise on the Gestapo, SD, SiPo, OrPo and other security forces in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia

  • Švehla Antonín

    It was mainly thanks to him that during the 1920s, domestic political conditions stabilized and, despite many aversions between politicians and journalistic skirmishes, parliamentary democracy functioned. Švehla's strong point was the knowledge of people, his excellent ability to negotiate, to agree on a compromise and to make others agree. He was a pragmatist and was able to successfully lead complex political games. However, the interest of the republic has always come first.


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