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RUS - S-500 Prometěj [kód NATO: -]

С-500 Прометей

anti-aircraft missile complex of the new generation S-500 Prometheus

In the course of evolution was also called when a champion steps forth-M, Samoděržec and Vlastělin.

Estimated components:

Management of the whole system:
- cabin of the combat management 85Ž6-1
- The CRL long-range 60K6

the anti-aircraft part of:
- cabin of the combat management 55K6MA
- RLS 91N6AM
- launchers 51P6M
- rockets 40N6M

Missile part:
- cabin of the combat management 85Ž6-2
- RLS 76T6
- RLS 57T6 with active FAR
- launchers 77P6
- out the interceptors 77N6-N and 77N6-N1

The system should be kompaktibilní and unified with stávajím system FOR the a-135 Amur to schopnotí of destroying targets with speeds up to 7 km/s.

Due to the planned long-range missiles up to 600 km should be SKYPE S-500 Prometheus able to simultaneously track and destroy 10 ballistic supersonic targets flying at speeds of up to 7 km/s and also the fighting blocks hyperzvukových of winged missiles.

Source information: own archives and sketchy information from the daily press.
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