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Crotale 01 - Big spread of rattlesnakes

Some seemingly marginal projects may grow into unexpected international success. One of these was the development of the Cactus anti-aircraft system, which was ordered from the French company Thomson by the South African government. Although it was a foreign order, the system gradually came under the designation Crotale into the armament of the French Armed Forces.

Crotale 02 - Rejuvenation in the best years

Originally a foreign order, a relatively successful anti-aircraft system emerged, which has found a number of customers around the world. But over the years, significant progress has been made in the field of electronics and miniaturization. Therefore, it was appropriate to develop a more modern version, corresponding to current requirements. Before that, let's look at an upgrade made in China.

Rapier - a kit for everyone

During the Cold War, the British Army needed to defend itself against Warsaw Pact aircraft. In the 1960s, the development of a successful short-range system was launched to defend the bases and areas of troop concentration. The whole world knows this system under the name Rapier.

Rapier - the possibilities are growing

In the last part, we described the development and basic variants of the British Rapier system. However, the British constantly paid attention to improving its capabilities and tried to sell the system to foreign customers. They were successful in both of these activities.


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