SOV - R-27 / AA-10 Alamo

R-27 / AA-10 ALAMO a

The development of this PLŘS started in the mid 70's. ies. The first version of R-27R (with poloaktivním RL by entering) and R-27T (with passive IR by entering the) were in the USSR introduced in the market in 1986. These PLŘS were in fact the counterpart to the american AIM-7M Sparrow.

the Data for the version of R-27R
Length: 408 cm
Diameter: 23 cm
Width: 97 cm (control surface in front of the PLŘS)
Weight: 253 kg
Fuel. warhead: 39 kg
The range of heights of the applicability of shots: 20 - 25 000 m
Range of the missile: 500 - 40 from the back side, to 70 km from the front side (in a frontal attack)
Max. speed goals: 3 600 km/h
Max. maneuvering multiple targets: 8 g
Guidance: semi-active RL

The missile is discharged from the device APU-470, or tossed before the ignition of your engine from the AKU-470.

In čs. the air force was PLŘS R-27 introduced by the type of Mig-29. Migs could wear a pair of these missiles, together with R-73 and R-60.

In the USSR they were in 1990 introduced moderznizované version of the R-27RE and R-27TE with extended range.

Completely latest then are version of the R-27AE + R-27EM, which are able to interfere on the target remote up to 170 km.

These PLŘS can wear the machine: Mig-29, Su-27, 30, 33, 34, 35, 37 and the yak-141..
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Export anti-aircraft missiles R-27 from the Russian federation 1992 - 2008

the Course of the supply
Country of recipient
Scope of supply
2002 – 2005


2006 - 2008

2007 - 2008

1) Tactical Missiles Corporation Missile Exportation Since 1992, Moscow Defense Brief, 4/2008
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Versions of R-27 missiles developed (manufactured) after the collapse of the USSR:
[img_6 comment = Ukraine [1991-]][/img_6]
Ukrainian versions of R-27 missiles modified and manufactured by the State Joint-Stock Holding Company Artem (one of the two original manufacturers of R-27 missiles from the era of the existence of the USSR, missiles with the same designation are also offered for export by the Russian manufacturer Vympel):
R-27ER1 ( Р-27ЕР1) - semi-active radar guidance
R-27R1 ( Р-27Р1) - semi-active radar guidance
R-27ET1 ( Р-27ЕТ1) - infrared self-loading
R-27T1 ( Р-27Т1) - infrared self-loading
R-27EP1 ( Р-27ЕП1) - passive radar guidance
R-27P1 ( Р-27П1) - passive radar guidance

[img_6 comment = People's Republic of China [1949-]][/img_6]
China obtained a license from the Ukrainian company Artem and started its own production of modified R-27ER1/R1 missiles using elements of the radar warhead R-77

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Pre training pilotov with raketam R-27R sa používajú rozmerovo and video identical training rockets UD-470 - own snímka raekty from the arsenal of the OS SR (IDEB 2012).

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Good day gentlemen, according to the communication between you is clear that you have at least some of you have practical experience with this shot. Can you tell me what is the mechanism /what is the/ on the control part of this shot, just before the RECONSTRUCTION /image/? Is this wire connected to something that looks like a fuse of the Pim. Is it the fuse, which is before take-off had to cut and after landing once again paste in the shots? thank you.
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