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AEC 6 pd. Gun Carrier Mk I Deacon

AEC 6 pdr. Gun Carrier Mk I.

AEC 6 pdr. The Gun Carrier known as the Deacon or Yellow Devil, was a British armored combat vehicle. It was an attempt to create a mobile anti-tank vehicle based on a truck AEC Matador armed with an Ordnance QF 6 pounder anti-tank gun.

The basis of this conversion was a heavy truck AEC Matador 4x4. The Matador was stripped of the sides of the loading area and the cab. The loading surface was reinforced and armored and in the middle of it was placed a pivot on which the Ordnance QF 6 pounder Mk.1/Mk.2 * (with the vehicle removed) was placed. The cannon cover was reinforced and extended over the sides and top. A kind of cannon tower without a back wall was created. Inside, they sat on the shooter/meter and charger. The turret was equipped with a mechanical rotating system to control the measurement, which controlled the shooter/meter. The measurement of the tower was 360 °. It was equipped with a mechanical lock to secure the transport position. In the transport position, the barrel pointed backwards parallel to the axis of the vehicle. The survey control mechanism remained the same (-5 °, + 10 °). There were storage and ammunition boxes at the rear of the vehicle and in the corners of the loading area.
The cab was reduced for the driver only and was armored as well as the engine section.

Deacon was deployed against German and Italian armored vehicles and tanks in the field that allowed the movement of wheeled vehicles. Deployment of Deacons was mentioned in connection with combat operations March 20 - 21.03. 1943 near the Tunisian oasis of El Hamma 30 km east of Gabes. Deacony 76th Anti-Tank Regiment Royal Artillery in the state of the British 1st Armored Division participated in a bypass maneuver, which resulted in overcoming the Mareth line .
German troops deployed in combat half-track armored personnel carriers, tanks Panzerkampfwagen III, Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger as well as "towed eighty-eight".

AEC 6 pdr. Gun Carrier was used mostly during the Allied campaign in North Africa (1942-1943). After the North African campaign, some of the machines were converted into ammunition vehicles and armored infantry transporters. The rest of the machines were moved to the Middle East and later sold to the Turkish army.

A total of 175 machines with chassis serial numbers were built between December 1942 and January 1943 AEC Matador 4x4 20449 az 20473.

With its code name Deakon (Diakon) he extended the AEC 6 pdr. Gun Carrier Mk I councils of the allied "church hierarchy" in the ranks of self-propelled artillery.
- Ordnance QF 25-pdr on Carrier Valentine 25-pdr Mk 1 known as Bishop (bishop)
- 105mm Howitzer Motor Carriage M7 known as Priest (priest)
- 25 pdr.Self Propelled Gun known as Sexton
in the post - war period supplemented by
- FV 433 Field Artillery, Self-Propelled, known as Abbot (abbot)

Tactical and technical characteristics:
Designation - AEC 6 pdr. Gun Carrier Mk I.
Type - self-propelled artillery
Country of origin - Great Britain

Weight - 12.2 t
Length - 6.39 m
Width - 2.36 m
Height - 2.82 m
Armor - 6 to 20mm
Speed - 19 (25) * mph
Range - 155 miles
Engine - AEC A173 6-cyl diesel 95 hp (71 kW)
Power/weight - 7.8 hp/ton

Crew - 4 (5.6) *
Armament - Ordnance QF 6 pounder Mk.1/Mk.2 *
Caliber - 57 mm
Muzzle velocity - 3,000 ft/s (900 m/s)
Effective range - 5,000 yards (4,600 m)
Number of ammunition - 24 pcs

* Different data from different sources

Self Propelled Anti-Tank and Anti-Aircraft Guns
Peter Chamberlain and John Milsom
Macdonald and Janes Publisher Ltd.
1975 London
ISBN 0 356 08085 4
AEC 6 pd. Gun Carrier Mk I Deacon - AEC 6 pdr. Gun Carrier Mk I

AEC 6 pdr. Gun Carrier Mk I
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