Bell 47

Bell OH-13 Sioux - přehled verzí

Bell 47 - track version[/heading]

the Civilian version, the Bell:

47 - a two-seater multi-purpose helicopter, engine Franklin, no fairings, wheeled chassis; 11 test pieces
47A - company designation for the YR-13
47B - the first civil serial variant, "automotive" hull and faired tail; 78 pcs
47B-3 - agricultural adjustment with an open cockpit, two-part front label and equipment for dusting
47D - the first civil variant with the "bubble" cockpit with odebratelnou upper parts, tail, no fairings, engine Franklin 6V4-178-B32; 195 pcs
47D-1 - slightly simplified lightweight variant of the
47E - company designation for the HTL-3
47G - three-seat variant with ližinovým the chassis and the other tail engines, engine Franklin 6V4-200-C32AB; 208 pcs
47G-1 - a prototype of a luxury transport version, built as a 47J Ranger
47G-2 - analogue of the 47G with the engine Lycoming VO-435-A1B; 410 pcs including 47G-2A, 47G-2A-1
47G-2A - similar to 47G-2 with engine Lycoming VO-435-A1A, prolonged tail and a larger rotor
47G-2A-1 - similar to the 47G-2A with a wider cabin and a larger capacity tank
47G-3 - similar to the 47G-2A with engine Franklin 6-335; an unknown number of
47G-3B - engine Lycoming TVO-435; an unknown number of
47G-3B-1 - engine Lycoming TVO-435-B1A with engines, wider cabin and bigger capacity tank, the loaded end of the rotor blades because of the improvement in autorotation; 337 pcs
47G-3B-2 - engine Lycoming TVO-435-G1A with engines, wider cabin and bigger capacity tanks; 52? ks
47G-4 Trooper - engine Lycoming VO540-B1B3, hydraulic power steering; 369 pcs including 47G-4A
47G-4A Trooper - ?
47G-5 - a variant with only basic equipment due to the reduction of prices and increase the load capacity, the Lycoming VO-435-B1A; 336 pcs including 47G-5A
47G-5A - wider cabin
47H Bellairus - luxury transport variant, fully kapotovaná, oval tail beam, engine Franklin 6V4-200-C32AB; 33 pieces including 47H-1
47H-1 Bellairus - ?
47J Ranger - a four-seater variant of the coming out of 47H, extended cab, passengers on a bench behind the seat of the pilot, the fully faired hull, engine Lycoming VO-435-A1B, wooden or metal rotor blades; 135 pcs
47J-1 Ranger - probably the only company designation for the UH-13J
47J-2 Ranger - engine Lycoming VO-540-B1B, metal rotor blades; 179 pcs including 47J-2A
47J-2A Ranger - increased takeoff weight, weights at the ends of the rotor blades, power management and other small modifications

a Military version of the Bell:

YR-13 Sioux - later YH-13, test series for the USAF with kapotovaným the fuselage and "bubble" canopy, the engine is a Franklin O-335; 28 pcs
YR-13A - later YH-13A, adjustment for cold climates; 3 conversion
H-13B Sioux - two-seat military version of the 47D for the U.S. Army, interchangeable wheeled or ližinový chassis; 65 pcs
H-13C Sioux - ambulance conversion H-13B, removed the fairing of the tail, ližinový chassis with bushings for the stretcher; 16 conversions
H-13D Sioux - serial ambulances and connecting variant, interchangeable wheeled or ližinový chassis; 87 pcs
OH-13D Sioux - H-13D after 1962
H-13E Sioux - analogue of the H-13D with dual controls, third seat and the new gearbox; 490 pcs
OH-13E Sioux - H-13E after 1962
XH-13F Sioux - H-13D test with turbohřídelovým engine Continental-Turboméca
XT51-T-3 Artouste
H-13G Sioux - the military version of the 47G, engine Lycoming VO-435, the ability to carry a stretcher; 265 pcs
OH-13G Sioux - H-13G after 1962
H-13H Sioux - the military version of the 47G-2, engine Lycoming VO-435-23, dual steering, all-metal rotor blades, a new ližinový chassis; 470 pcs
OH-13H Sioux - H-13H US Army after 1962
UH-13H Sioux - H-13H USAF after 1962
H-13J Sioux - analogue of 47J for the presidential squadron; 2 pcs
UH-47J Sioux - H-47J after 1962
H-13K - conversion H-13H on standard 47G-3, with engine Franklin 6-O-335; 3 conversion
OH-13K Sioux - H-47K after 1962
TH-13L - HTL-4, HTL-5 after 1962
TH-13M - HTL-6 after 1962
TH-13N - HTL-7 after 1962
UH-no. 13p - HUL-1 after 1962
HH-13Q - HUL-1G after 1962
UH-13R - HUL-1M after 1962
OH-13S Sioux - observation version of the 47G-3B, engine Lycoming TVO-435-25 with compressor, extended tail and greater rotor; 265 pcs
TH-13T Sioux - proposed trainer version of the 47G-3B-1, dual steering, engine Lycoming TVO-435-25, hydraulic power steering; 411 pcs

HTL-1 - 10 YR-13 transferred US Navy
HTL-2 - 12 47D purchased the US Navy
HTL-3 - three-digit coupling variant, the analogue of the H-13D; 12 pieces including 3 for Brazil
HTL-4 - the training equivalent of the 47D-1, double control, interchangeable wheeled or ližinový chassis, engine Franklin 0-335-5; 48 pcs
HTL-5 - similar to the HTL-4, differences unknown; 36 pcs
HTL-6 - maritime training analogue of the H-13G, the engine is a Franklin O-335-5B; 48 pcs
HTL-7 - training variant derived from 47J, with a two-digit cockpit and engine Lycoming O-435-6; 18 pcs
HUL-1 - multi-purpose variant derived from 47J, engine Lycoming VO-435-B1B; 28 pcs
HUL-1G - two HUL-1 submitted to the coast guard and modified for rescue
HUL-1M - analogue of the HUL-1 with turbohřídelovým engine Allison YT-63-A-3; 2 pcs

production License, Agusta:

AB.47G - 100 pcs
AB.47G-2 - 200? ks
AB.47G-2A - 5 pcs
AB.47G-2A-1 - 13 pcs
AB.47G-3 - 3? ks
AB.47G-3B - 18 pcs
AB.47G-3B-1 - 112 pcs
AB.47G-4 - 24 pcs
AB.47G-4A - 38 pcs
AB.47J Ranger - 152 pcs
AB.47J-2 Ranger - 18 pcs
AB.47J-2A Ranger - 14 pcs
AB.47J-3 Super Ranger - option for bigger altitude with the engine Lycoming VO-540-B1B3; 52 pcs
AB.47J-3/AS the Super Ranger - torpédonosná variant for the Italian navy; 14 pcs
AB.47J-3B Ranger - ?
AB.47J-3B-1 Ranger - option for bigger altitude with the engine Lycoming TVO-435-B1 with the compressor; 23 pcs
And.115 - a prototype with a cab version 47J, the rotor, tail and landing gear version of the 47G and turbohřídelovým engine Turboméca Astazou II
EMA 124 - prototype with dvoulistým rotor and engine Lycoming VO-540-B1B3 derived from the AB.47; 1 pcs built by Elicotteri Meridionali

production License, Kawasaki:

47D - 11 pcs
47G - 14 pcs
47G-2 - 180 pcs
47G-2A - 33 pcs
KH-4 - the four-digit military helicopter derived from the 47G-3B; 205 pcs
KHR-1 - experimental KH-4 with a three-blade rotor
H-13KH - japanese military designation for the KH-4

production License, Westland:

Sioux AH Mk.1 - license version of the AB-47G-3B-1, 222 pcs
Sioux HT Mk.2 - license version of the AB-47G-3B-1, double control, 15 pcs
47G-4A - 16 pcs

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approximately the year 1965, An Khe 'Golf Course', helipad 1. jezdeckej divízie..
Bell 47 -

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