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Daniel Nemes

Daniel Nemes

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  • Cessna T-37 / A-37

    Training-light attack aircraft is certainly not the same symbol indicating the status of the company as a fighter aircraft, but the need for adequate flight training, low cost, ease of maintenance and combat effectiveness have made training-attack attack aircraft the most common type in the world aviation.
    One of the most famous aircraft of this purpose is the Cessna T-37 / A-37, known by the combat names " Tweety Bird ", " Tweet ", " Dragonfly " or " Super Tweet ". This small aircraft served for decades for basic training with the US Air Force and with excellent results in its offensive role during the Vietnam War. This document describes the history of this aircraft.

  • The allied code names for japanese planes in WW2

    A comprehensive overview of code names assigned by Allied intelligence to Japanese aircraft during World War II.


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