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  • No.313 (Czechoslovak) fighter squadron RAF

    No.313 (Czechoslovak) fighter squadron RAF belonged to a total of four squadrons of the Czechoslovak Air Force in the British Royal Air Force.


    During its operation in WWII, the group reached the following milestones: 1) Achieved the highest number of shots in one day - 55.5 German aircraft 2) destroyed the most jet Me 262 - 18pcs 3) Achieved its shots in the shortest time, from 11.2.1944 for slightly higher year-a total of 701 destroyed aircraft 4) had the largest number of air aces (pilots with 5 or more shots) a total of 42 pilots

  • Self-loading Rifle, System of Tokarev, Model 1940, cal. 7,62 mm (SVT-40)

    Soviet self-loading rifle, which was supposed to be the new standard rifle of the Red Army, but its production was interrupted by the German invasion in 1941, which during World War II led to a change back to Mosin-Nagant rifles. However, during the war it found wide application. After the war, the Soviet Union accepted new rifles, such as the SKS and AK-47.

  • 82nd Airborne Division

    Combat History of the 82nd Airborne Division "All American"

  • Anton Matusek

    Fighter pilot of the Slovak air forces, participant in several combat deployments on the Eastern Front, a participant in the Slovak national uprising and a member of the 1st Czechoslovak Independent Fighter Air Regiment and later the 2nd Czechoslovak Fighter Air Regiment in the USSR. At the same time, a controversial figure in Slovak WWII history.

  • Escuadrilla Azul

    How Spanish pilots helped to conquer the Soviet Union

  • Flight Lieutenant John William Yarra

    A biography of an Australian fighter ace from World War II.

  • František Cyprich

    He fought in the Little War, took part in the invasion of Poland and later fought on the Eastern Front, where he scored at least 12 kills. After the outbreak of the SNP, he joined the rebel side, where he was the first rebel pilot to achieve a kill when he shot down an unarmed Hungarian Ju 52/3m transport on 2 September 1944 with his Avia B.534. He also became the last fighter pilot in World War II to shoot down another aircraft in a biplane. After the suppression of the SNP by transport aircraft, he flew to the USSR.

  • Major General Jiří Hartman

    Fighter pilot and commander of the 310th Fighter Squadron of the RAF in World War II.

  • Major General (Ret.) Rudolf Pernický

    A biography of the recently deceased famous Czechoslovak paratrooper.

  • Giora Romm - fighter ace from Israel

    Wednesday, June 7, 1967, sky over the Suez Canal. Young Israeli pilot Giora Romm has just shot down his fifth enemy aircraft, the Egyptian MiG-17. He became the first Israeli fighter ace and also the first ace on the Mirage III fighter. When Romm was shot down over Egypt at the end of 1969 and captured, Israel redeemed him for 72 captured Egyptians.

  • The hour of your liberation is coming!

    Message from the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Winston S. Churchill to the Czechs and Slovaks on the occasion of the second anniversary of the Munich Agreement (September 29, 1940)

  • Josef Dygrýn-Ligotický

    Warrant Officer, Colonel in memoriam

  • Jozef Dobrovodský

    Commander of Artillery Regiment 11

  • Captain Carlos Bayo Alessandri

    Spanish fighter ace, fighting in two wars.

  • Captain Micuo Fuchida

    A pilot of the Japanese naval air force, who during the World War II led an attack wave on Pearl Harbor, watched the Battle of Midway only as a "spectator", survived the radiation after the explosion in Hiroshima and after the war traveled the world and preached the gospel.

  • Karol Repašský

    Commander of the Battalion "Repašský".

  • Aircraft carrier Kaga

    Kaga had a fairly similar fate as Akagi. It was originally built as a battleship with a displacement of 40,000 tons. However, the Washington agreement did not allow its construction and so it was planned to be scrapped.

  • Air Force Major (Ret.) Ľudovít Dobrovodský

    Biography of a member of the Slovak Air Force, who took part in the fighting on the Eastern Front, in the Slovak National Uprising and fought in the 1st Fighter Regiment in the USSR.

  • Major infantry in memoriam in reserve Břetislav Chrastina

    Spelter Group Commander.

  • Paul Doumer Bridge

    The railway bridge standing in the suburbs of Hanoi, which was the target of the US Air Force during the Vietnam War, celebrated its 107th birthday this year.

  • Napoleon

    French military and political leader who rose to prominence during the French Revolution and led several successful campaigns during the Revolutionary Wars. He was the de facto leader of the French Republic as First Consul from 1799 to 1804. As Napoleon I, he was Emperor of the French from 1804 until 1814 and again in 1815. Napoleon's political and cultural legacy has endured, and he has been one of the most celebrated and controversial leaders in world history.

  • The occupation of Norman Islands the lesser known part of British history

    On the first day of July 1940, with the entry of German troops on British soil, a four-year occupation of the British Isles began. However, it was not, as Hitler wished, the occupation of Great Britain itself, but only the occupation of the archipelago of the British Channel Islands.

  • Ondrej Ďumbala

    Commander of the 1st Flight of Squadron 13, Commander of pilot training for Bf-109, a participant in the Slovak National Uprising, during which he served as Deputy Commander of the Air Group of the 1st Czechoslovak Army. Generally recognized authority in the history of the Slovak Air Force.

  • Colonel of artillery in memoriam Jaroslav Krátký

    Commander of Operation KARAS

  • Colonel in memoriam Jozef Gabčík

    Biography of a czechoslovak soldier who, as a member of the Anthropoid parachute drop, took part in the assassination of the Reich Protector R. Heydrich.

  • Colonel in memoriam Rudolf Božík

    Fighter ace of Slovak Air Arms.

  • Lieutenant Colonel in memoriam Josef Bublík

    member of the BIOSCOP group

  • Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery

    Biography of one of the most important British commanders of World War II.

  • Polish flying tiger

    A biography of Witold Urbanowicz or the story of a Pole who declared war on Japan.

  • Lieutenant Esteban Ibarreche Arriaga

    Spanish fighter ace, fighting after the Civil War in the ranks of volunteers on the Eastern Front WWII.

  • Lieutenant Ján Režňák

    Fighter ace of Slovak Air arms - 32 aerial victories

  • Oath of Czechoslovak pilots - Great Britain

    The text of the oath taken by Czechoslovak pilots during World War II in Great Britain.

  • Jozef Drlička

    Slovak pilot, twice deployed on the Eastern Front and in the defense of Slovakia in March 1939.

  • Jozef Jancovic

    On 29 March 1943, Sergeant Jančovič and Sergeant Cyprich took off on an emergency flight against Soviet bombers. The battle carried over to the Sea of Azov, where the Slovak fighters were attacked by a group of LaGG-3 fighters. Jančovič's Bf 109 G-2 was badly damaged by enemy fire, with Jančovič also suffering a severe wound to his left leg. He managed to make it to the coast where he made an emergency landing,

  • Sten submachine gun

    Sten submachine gun

  • Staff Captain in memoriam Rudolf Hrubec

    Commander of the SILICA II group.

  • Fighter Squadron 13

    the most famous and at the same time the most successful unit of the Slovak Air Forces SVZ

  • Izidor Kovárik

    Curriculum vitae of the second most successful fighter of Slovak air weapons.


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Legionářský kříž

Medaile J.A. Komenského

Pamětní odznak VS AČR

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Ehrenblatt Spange der Luftwaffe

Ehrentafel Spange der Kriegsmarine

Spange 1939 zum Eisernes Kreuz 2.Klasse

Eisernes Kreuz 2.Klasse (1914)


Vietnam Service Medal

European/African/Middle Eastern Campaign Medal

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Pamätná medaila 50. výročia SNP

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Medaila za vernosť OS SR I. stupňa

War Medal 1939-45

Coronation Medal

Air Force Medal

Air Force Cross

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Seriál "Stíhači v boji"

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