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Originální název:
Original Name:
Další názvy:
Other Names:
Racibůrz (slezsky)
Ratibor (lat.)
Nižší územní celek:
Lower Administrative Area:
GPS souřadnice:
GPS Coordinates:
50°05'31.00"N 18°13'11.00"E
Místní části:
Local Municipalities:
Nowe Zagrody
Stara Wieś
Obora (Racibórz)
První písemná zmínka:
First Written Reference:
Vojenské objekty:
Military Objects:
Historical Sights, Places of Interest:
Kościół Wniebowzięcia Najświętszej Maryi
Kościół św. Jakuba
Kaplica Gaszynów
Kościół św. Ducha
Baszta więzienna
Kościół św. Jana Chrzciciela na Ostrogu
Kościół św. Mikołaja na Starej Wsi
Kościół Matki Bożej
Kolumna Matki Boskiej, tzv. Kolumna Maryjna
Zamek książąt raciborskich
Kaplica zamkowa pw. św. Tomasza Kantuaryjskiego
Městské opevnění
Kościół Najświętszego Serca Pana Jezusa
Statua Zgody
Budova soudu
Skupina budov vězení
Zakład Poprawczy
Budova Pošty
Bernert, Fritz Otto
* 06.03.1893 
Giese, Herbert
* 02.09.1899 
Kutscha, Herbert
* 24.04.1917 
Bernert, Fritz Otto
† 18.10.1918
Dislokované jednotky:
Garrisoned Units:
Průmyslové podniky:

Coat of Arms:

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Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Kościół Wniebowzięcia Najświętszej Maryi Virgin)

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the Church of st James (Kościół św. St. james)

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the Church of st. Spirit (Kościół św. Spirit)

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the Prison tower (Baszta więzienna)

It was built probably sometime around the year 1574, shortly after the fire city. In 17. century in it should be kept masters - butchers, who were the suspects, he raised the prices. In the years 1896 to 1900 it was reconstructed, reconstructed in the years 1958 and 1994. 2007 get on a commemorative coin about the value of a 2 between us.

It is a renaissance building that was probably originally three walls with it, that the way into the city, the tower was open. However, later she got to fourth wall. It is built on a square plan. In 3/4 of its height are strongly profiled cornice. In this floor then are the key loopholes in the corners on top of the tower, there are 4 turrets. Around the tower is partially preserved walls.

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City walls

The fortifications of the city Ratiboře survived only a few, this is just about the so-called prison tower with a section of the walls around her and a few other fragments of walls in the streets of Basztowej, Batorego, Drzymały, Leczniczej and Drewnianej.

The initial fortification was built in the 13. century, but had more the character of a makeshift, it was a trench accompanied by a wooden or dřevohliněné elements of fortification cannot be excluded or earthen mound. Fortification of complementary probably even a few wooden towers and gates. After the year 1255 Moravané town burned to the prince Vladislav Opolský expanded towards the south and gave to build probably the new fortifications, which were wooden-earthen. However, the first written mention of the city's fortifications, we have from the year 1299, when duke Přemyslav Ratibořský ordered the mayor to the city fortified and arranged the financial coverage of the works. This work then took place from 14. century. Have been extended to the walls of the walls (construction of wood-loam ?) and trench was solved-so that was filled, or could fill in if necessary with water.

Some changes occurred at least in 16. century, without a doubt has occurred to the building adjustments or even major reconstruction and new buildings after the fire of the city. Sometime around the year 1574 was built of the new so-called Prison tower (bastion).

However, the fundamental building efforts brought to the year 1666 (or 1566?), when the threatened invasion of Tatar army. The walls were reinforced by 9 towers.

In 18. and 19. the century came to a gradual destruction of the fortifications. The greater part of the ditches were backfilled after the third war of Silesia after the year 1763. The year 1818 was demolished Wielka gateway (Big), the year 1828 was dismantled gate Odrzańską, her static was bad and threatened its total collapse.

The city walls were high - from the inside in 6 to 7 feet (1.9 to 2.2 m) - from the outside 12 to 15 feet (3.8 to 4.7 m), in places sometimes was high up to 9 m. Their thickness was about 4 to 5 feet. It is estimated that the total length of walls was about 1.8 km and covered an area of twenty hectares. Construction was brick, a brick, do mortar.

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city Hall

The original city hall was built somewhere in the middle of the square, the first time is zmíně the year 1361. It was later moved (was exposed to the new building, which the town hall was used). However, considering that it could be up to the year 1722, when it burnt down. However, this building too not of eternal duration. Finally was built a new neoclassical city hall according to the project Gottlieb Tschecheo.

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Column of the Virgin Mary (Kolumna Matki Boskiej)

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a Monument to Joseph Freiherr von Eichendorff.
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a Monument to archbishop Jozef Feliks Gawliny.
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a Monument to Stanislaw Moniuszky.
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