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Bloody Years 1938-45 (4)

Overture, Act 1, or Blood is not water As the blogger "egon" wrote on the net: "A few days ago (October 2001), random pedestrians in front of TV cameras answered the question of when our republic was founded. As every year, some respondents have no idea events in 1918, and since many of us have forgotten what they taught us at school, let us recall the sequence of events leading to our independence. "

Bloody Years 1938-45 (5)

The rise of nationalism under Austria This is how Karl Marx put it for the Neue Reinische Zeitung in 1848. The quote was exactly as follows: "… irreconcilable struggle, war to the death of the Slavs, those traitors of the revolution… their extermination is needed, unbridled terrorism against them - not in the interests of Germany ( of course not, Karl .... ), but for the sake of the revolution… The situation between the Slavs and the Germans was already so tense at that time that the greatest revolutionary - Charles Marx ( himself considered a revolutionary and the GERMAN ) - immediately knew what to do with what he said, " Slavic splinters in the body monarchy ". So this comrades from Moscow and Prague somehow kept it secret from us …

Bloody Years 1938-45 (6)

Znojmo capitulated. We are going to Bratislava! Moravia, even though it has been a part of the Czech lands for more than a thousand years, is not Czech and everything is always a little different. It was no different in 1918.

Bloody Years 1938-45 (7)

Front-line veterans In general, not much is known about the Czechoslovak Army, which began in October 1918 to liberate and occupy the territory of the new Czechoslovakia. During the First Republic, it somehow "officially" pretended that the victory was brought by the legionaries. Under the communists, there was only talk of Czech Red Army men, and the legionaries were soldiers of imperialism or fought against the Bolsheviks, and the Great October Socialist Revolution was the only one that actually brought us freedom. Moreover, as far as I live, everyone is talking about cowardly Czechs. Fully in line with the views of Vienna's nationalist propaganda under Austria-Hungary and the post-February Communists. It is interesting that Hitler, as a soldier fighting in World War I, was very careful in his views on Czechoslovak soldiers and the nation as a coward during the war. During the Protectorate, he refused to involve any Czech soldiers in the war, although otherwise I would be willing to use Bosniaks, Albanians and Indians ...

Bloody Years 1938-45 (8)

Lost Heroes The maturity and self-confidence of a nation can be recognized by the way it evaluates its soldiers, even though they have been on various warring sides due to political and personal events. The young and new republics did not behave badly towards the soldiers serving the emperor, but adored mainly legionnaires. It was understandable then. We can say that if it were not for the brave Czech " Austro-Hungarian " soldiers who formed the basis of the new Czechoslovak army, the Czechoslovak Republic might never have emerged. Because it was created by diplomacy, supported by a substantiated force.

Central Eastern Europe

Central and Eastern Europe, that is what I would call the part of Europe where in the years 1852-1918 the legal, monetary, economic and customs union of two states, namely the Principality of Liechtenstein and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, was located. This union ended with the disintegration of the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the end of 1918 after the First World War, although this union lasted legally until 1919, so we can consider its real demise in 1918.

Economic and political situation of Austria in the context of world development

The economic and political situation of Austria in the context of world developments with a focus on the banking sector
The economy has always played an important role in the existence of any organized department (be it the state, tribal organization, municipality or city). An equally important role is played by the economy for individuals. In each period, we can call the interpersonal relationships that economics deals with differently. Likewise, each theoretical school of economics may have a different terminology. In different periods, we can find crises and booms. Whether the exchange is operated in the form of a barter system or through money (or other generally accepted assets) or modern operations with virtual securities in virtual markets, these relationships have always and everywhere played an irreplaceable role and very strongly shaped the future development of territory, society and individuals.

On the horizon of the Alps

The number of Czechoslovaks registered in Mauthausen, the worst category in this extermination camp, was 6,500. But many numbers were not even published. 1,361 of our prisoners survived. Among those who did not see the end of the war and the liberation by the American army at the beginning of May 1945, was the author of many popular songs, Karel Hasler. Two days before Christmas 1941, he died as a result of the torture of one of the so-called green blockers. They, like the Stubs and Caps, were often far worse than the SS themselves, because they were recruited exclusively from the ranks of German criminal prisoners ...

The second Siege of Vienna by the Turks (July-September 1683)

An Arab attempt to extend the "House of Islam" ( Dar al-Islam ) to Europe across the Iberian Peninsula failed on October 25, 732 with a lost battle at Tours in southern France. It was followed only by the evacuation of the conquered territories and in 1492 the final departure from the European continent. After the Arabs, first the grateful task of Islamizing Europe was taken over first by the Seljuk, then by the Ottoman Turks ...





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