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Geopolitics in Central Asia

Central Asia is an important region, both militarily and economically, in which the great powers are showing increasing interest. The collapse of the USSR resulted in the independence of the five Central Asian republics, which naturally began to seek new allies and partners in the international system. The involvement of world and regional powers did not take long, and the region soon gained a distinctive name: the New Balkans. The strategic position, the rich raw material base, as well as the ethnic and religious composition are motives that continuously contribute to the intensification of the rivalry between the main international players in Central Asia.

The South China Sea region as a security complex

The South China Sea and the growing interest of great powers in it are filled with newspaper headlines. The following text aims at a thorough analysis of this area from several dimensions, hoping that it will contribute to a better understanding of this remote, but probably key to the geopolitics of the 21st century.



Afghanistan (AFG)

Armenia (ARM)

Azerbaijan (AZE)

Bahrain (BHR)

Bangladesh (BGD)

Bhutan (BTN)

Brunei (BRN)

China (CHN)

Phillipines (PHL)

Georgia (GEO)

Hong Kong (HKG)

India (IND)

Indonesia (IDN)

Iraq (IRQ)

Iran (IRN)

Israel (ISR)

Japan (JPN)

Yemen (YEM)

Jordan (JOR)

Cambodia (KHM)

Qatar (QAT)

Kazakhstan (KAZ)

Kuwait (KWT)

Cyprus (CYP)

Kyrgyzstan (KGZ)

Laos (LAO)

Lebanon (LBN)

Macau (MAC)

Malaysia (MYS)

Maldives (MDV)

Mongolia (MNG)

Myanmar (MMR)

Nepal (NPL)

Oman (OMN)

Pakistan (PAK)

Palestine (PSE)

Russia (RUS)

Singapore (SGP)

Sri Lanka (LKA)

Syria (SYR)

Tajikistan (TJK)

Thailand (THA)

Turkey (TUR)

Uzbekistan (UZB)

Vietnam (VNM)

Defunct States


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