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About the shoot down of a Turkish F-4 Phantom

The aggravated situation in connection with the unrest in Syria has taken on a new dimension in recent days, when the Syrian Air Defense ( PVO ) shot down a Turkish F-4 Phantom II. Turkey is requesting consultations in the North Atlantic Alliance under Article Four of the Washington Treaty. The whole situation remains quite confusing, so the sekuriťá portal tries to give at least a rough summary of events and outline possible scenarios for what actually happened.

Is the State of Israel a thief of Palestinian and Syrian water resources?

The world media is intensively dealing with the issue of the Middle East. Unfortunately, it is becoming a sad truth that many media, human rights activists and peace fighters professing the ideology of multiculturalism and political correctness blindly adopt the Palestinian version of story and history and accuse Israel of all wrongdoing. Sufficient lies have been mapped, I will point out another in this article - the accusation that Israelis are stealing water from Palestinians and Syrians.

Messages from Damascus

They called him a "faceless terrorist." Before Osama ibn Ladin claimed responsibility for the September 11, 2001 assassination, the US secret services judged that he, Imad Mughniya, was to blame. Until then, he held the lead in the number of Americans killed in Islamist assassinations around the world. On Tuesday, February 12, his earthly pilgrimage, followed by a great speck of human blood, ended. Whatever one treats, one also lacks. In Damascus, he was killed by a bomb blast located in his off-road Mitsubishi.

SYRIA - Her current labor pains

The Arab countries, whose common denominator is a generally disgraceful way of governing, began this year, if not with their revival spring, then at least with an awakening, with real upheavals at five addresses. The first was Tunis, whose greedy president was overthrown, and fled with his family from a country to which he rightly does not dare to return. He did not flee Egypt, the country's most numerous, most important country, but President Mubarak, now in a hospital bed and facing charges of serious crimes, lost power there. In Yemen, the anger of the people has already taken shape, and the wounded president has rushed to medical care in the still relatively calm lee of the Saudi monarchy. In Libya, Gaddafi is threatened by insurgent insurgents, the only one in this kind of conflict in which some NATO nations are somewhat involved. And in Syria, the still unfinished childbirth, in a state of proper butchery, is being directed by President Bashar al-Assad, an ophthalmologist by profession. It is thus a different development, in comparison with the almost identical disintegration of the regimes in the states of scientific socialism in the annus mirabilis of 1989.

The powerlessness of the powerful

If you read that headline like "Too Powerless," nothing happens. This also happens to me sometimes when the eyes run so fast that the brain interprets the text according to an experienced template. Havel's world-famous text describes a certain reality of the world, where the so-called powerless can do almost anything. However, the above-mentioned headline on "helplessness of the powerful" occurred to me after the conference: "Current Trends and Future of Global Jihad: Why Should We Fight the Islamic State?", Organized by the Center for Transatlantic Relations at the CEVRO Institute in Prague.

Water conflicts in the Middle East

Water is a basic necessity of life, it is a condition for the functioning of the economy but also of society as a whole. It is therefore the perfect embodiment of the term strategic raw material. Ensuring its supply is therefore a priority for every state, and this priority comes to the fore, especially in regions where there is a shortage of water. One such region is the Middle East…




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