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Brunei and Singapur

These states are achieving almost the same political, social and economic successes today, even though they have diametrically different external features.

Malaysia and Singapore's water dispute

The need for water is at the very heart of Maslow's pyramid of needs, and its scarcity or unavailability is therefore an important prerequisite for conflict. Thus, freshwater supplies are often subject to securitization. The idea of a water conflict is most often associated with the desert and semi-desert regions of the Middle East, although similar disputes are taking place in other parts of the world rich in rainfall. One such case is the not-so-familiar dispute between Singapore and Malaysia over water supplies to the general public. Although Singapore is rich in absolute numbers, its demographic and geographical characteristics condemn it to an external supply-dependent role. Singapore is currently ( 2011 ) about 40% dependent on Malaysia's water supply ( CNN 2011 ). The aim of this work is to describe the conflict in historical context, to describe the development of this dispute from 1965 to the present, to find out what measures Singapore has taken, what is the position of water in Malaysian-Singapore relations and what is its likely future development.




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