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Current conflicts in sub-Saharan Africa: 2. The analysis of conflicts

Although Africa has considerable mineral wealth, it is the poorest continent in the world. The exceptions are South Africa and Botswana with their own exchange rates and Nigeria with one of the fastest growing economies in the world. However, the UN ranks 33 African countries among the least developed, where people live mainly on agriculture. What causes poverty? Many see the beginnings of this bad situation in colonialism, others in the declaration of independence and subsequent corruption, despotism, violence and instability.

The African Union and its role in ensuring security and stability in Africa: 6. A joint mission of AU and UN in Darfur

The current conflict in the western Sudanese region of Darfur has been described as the "biggest humanitarian catastrophe" since the end of the Cold War. According to the latest statistics, more than 300,000 people have lost their lives as a result of direct violence or malnutrition and disease in this conflict, which flared up in 2003, and more than 2.5 million have been displaced. Despite the fact that the international community has repeatedly declared its efforts to resolve the current situation and not allow further events such as the genocide in Rwanda to be repeated, not enough necessary and decisive steps have been taken to resolve the crisis.



Algeria (DZA)

Angola (AGO)

Benin (BEN)

Botswana (BWA)

Burundi (BDI)

Chad (TCD)

Djibouti (DJI)

Egypt (EGY)

Eritrea (ERI)

Ethiopia (ETH)

Gabon (GAB)

The Gambia (GMB)

Ghana (GHA)

Guinea (GIN)

Cameroon (CMR)

Cape Verde (CPV)

Kenya (KEN)

Comoros (COM)

Congo (COG)

Lesotho (LSO)

Liberia (LBR)

Libya (LBY)

Madagascar (MDG)

Malawi (MWI)

Mali (MLI)

Moroco (MAR)

Mauritania (MRT)

Mauritius (MUS)

Mozambique (MOZ)

Namibia (NAM)

Niger (NER)

Nigeria (NGA)

Rwanda (RWA)

Senegal (SEN)

Seychelles (SYC)

Somalia (SOM)

Sudan (SDN)

St. Thomas (STP)

Swaziland (SWZ)

Tanzania (TZA)

Togo (TGO)

Tunisia (TUN)

Uganda (UGA)

Zambia (ZMB)

Zimbabwe (ZWE)

Defunct States

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